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Saturday, 30 April 2011

What I Wore: Military and Lace

Well, technically I'm not wearing this today but I wore it recently and as I'm working hard today, I'm not getting dressed properly so that I'm not tempted to leave the house!

(Jacket: Primark, Dress: H&M, Tights: Marks and Spencer)

And the moral of the story is: Buy it whilst you can! PART II

Back to the coat story... I explained to my family about the whole situation with being too tired to order it at 4am on Tuesday I think it was and they all questioned why I didn't come and wake them up. To which I quite rightly stated that if I had woken them up at four in the morning to do some online shopping, they would NOT have been happy with me, but they insisted they would have been cool about it. The following night/morning, I did an all-nighter on a university assignment and at 2am, H&M's website claimed that it was in stock in a size 8. I quickly clicked 'Add to Bag' for the website to say: 'Sorry, our website is temporarily down, we're doing all we can to fix it'. Noooooooooooo. So my essay was put on hold for a good half an hour while I constantly refreshed the page. About 15 minutes later the website was working and a size 8 was still in stock, so I added it to my bag and went to the checkout. Now, I have to openly admit, I hardly EVER online shop as I find it far too much hassle and I much prefer shopping in person, so I'm quite new to the whole enter your card details so I had no choice but to go and wake someone in my family up. I went to my dad as he knows more about online shopping than anyone, so at around 2:30am we ordered my coat and it is due for delivery in around a week. I'm SO excited. It had better fit me now...

So the moral of THIS story is: Learn from your mistakes and make sure you don't make the same once twice!

The Royal Wedding: My Favourite Newspaper Front Page

It may be a tabloid, but in comparison to both tabloid and broadsheet competitors - The Daily Mirror wins it for me. One for the kiss, and two for the inclusion of that little girl that couldn't crack a smile all day. Click the following link to get a glimpse of the fabulous image:
Tomorrow's Daily Mirror Front page

Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding: What I Wore

No, I didn't attend. I of course got an invite but I was asked to go to the pub as well and that won...
Just kidding. Instead we went for a two course meal at a lovely restaurant which also screened the entire wedding (front row seats *kaching*). This is what I wore: (sorry for the terrible quality, I had literally 30 seconds to take these - I'll improve I promise!)

(Dress: Red Herring at Debenhams, Blazer: F&F, Shoes: New Look)

The Royal Wedding

In 12 hours, not only will Prince William and Catherine Middleton be married, but the designer and the appearance of the dress will FINALLY be revealed. Twitter, Facebook and news websites are going crazy with supposed rumours of who exactly is designing the dress. The latest I heard was that it could be a vintage Alexander McQueen design. McQueen was an inspiration and credit to the fashion industry so if this is true, I am incredibly excited. If not, then I'm sure the dress is going to look stunning regardless.

Tomorrow evening, I will be giving my verdict on THE dress and the guests' hits and misses. Time to dust my dress and heels -  we're going to royal-wedding themed day with champagne, screening of the wedding and a two-course meal.

How's everyone else going to celebrating? Or are you sick of all the media coverage and can't wait for it to pass?

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Beauty Review: Body Shop's Satsuma Body Butter

Now, I'm not one to really review products unless they really 'WOW' me, so just by writing this, you can tell it's in for a positive write-up. I'm quite brand loyal to the Body Shop and it's products - my foundation's from there, they have great deals (I got a £10 make-up brush free with my foundation), the ingredients are good for you, purchasing off them helps the environment and they are against animal testing, the body shop parties are always great - I could go on! But back to the product in  hand...

I've heard about these body butters for a while but never purchased them myself as I always have the mantra 'Oh, they'll never work on me'. Boy was I proven wrong! I was given a body shop gift set for Christmas with this particular body butter included. I'm not confident AT ALL about my body (especially my legs) but with the recent surge of hot weather we've been having, I couldn't avoid covering up my legs for much longer. We had a picnic in the beautiful Lyme Park last week so I was brave and ditched the opaques. I smoothed on about a quarter of the tub (it was only a small tub FYI) onto my legs and body and within seconds my skin looked and felt incredible. And not to mention the incredible smell - it lasted all day which is rare for someone like me, who usually perfume wears off within minutes. The satsuma smell is divine and gets me in the summery mood. Have I been converted? You bet! And with my sister hosting a Body Shop party in 3 weeks - have a guess what I'll be stocking up on :) 

50ml - £5.00
200ml - £12.50

There'll be two words on everyone's lips on Friday

Not 'I Do' - that's what William's wanting to hear, but 'THE dress'. Yes, the venue is stunning, her arrival will spark conversation, the way her hair and make-up is styled will be hotly anticipated but the dress is what us fashion frenzied are dying to see. With millions, possibly billions tuning in on the day to share Kate and Will's big day, all eyes will be focused on her selection of gown. Who designed it? The style? The colour? The length? The price? Shall I keep listing??

I'm hedging my bets that it will be a classic, simple but elegant white non-strapless number with a slight train - nothing to rival Diana's beautiful train however. It's been rumoured that she will favour her recent favourite half up do which will frame her face and complete the classic beauty of the look. Whether or not I'm right - I cannot wait to see it.

In the meantime, if you haven't yet watched this following video -DO! It's a spoof video made by 'The Other Guys'. 'Blending the work of Lady Gaga, James Horner, Gustav Holst, The Human League and Michael Jackson, are proud to present 'Royal Romance'. Filmed and recorded by students in the town where Kate met Wills, Scotland's premier all male a cappella group bring you a sad tale of unrequited love.'

And the moral of the story is: Buy it whilst you can!

Unfortunately for me, I've grown up with this tendency to wait and come back to something if I want to buy it. Nine times out of ten, when I go back to get it - it is usually gone and then it eats away at me for not going with my gut. This applies to this LOVELY H&M coat I am lusting over (if you can 'lust' after a coat that is...).

Not only is the price AMAZING, but the colour and look of quality just screams 'I HAVE to have'. It's either not in stock in my size or sold out completely. I've been to six different H&M's across the country including two in London (one being the flagship - and if it's not in the flagship - you've not really got much hope!).

However, last night I was awake till 4am writing up university quotes for my assignment when I thought I'd check the stock status of the coat in question. Now, whether this was my need-to-go-sleep shakes and blurry vision playing tricks on me or it was just plain luck - there it was. Size 8 IN STOCK. Normally, I'm a size 6, but I'd definitely get this beautiful piece of fashion for an 8. At this point, not only could I not keep my eyes open, I didn't trust myself shopping online, so being the silly person I am, I thought to myself: "It'll be there tomorrow..."

I'm guessing you can all see where this is going?! Yep, that's right - OUT OF STOCK. And this was at 9am, so in the space of 5 hours, my dream coat had been ripped out of my hands.

I've got the page saved as a bookmark and keep frantically refreshing in hope, but currently it is out of stock in EVERY size e so it's not looking good. I shall persevere, but the message I'm trying to get across kids is if you see something you like - BUY IT. Don't be silly like me. If I could rewind the past 12 hours, I would.

Blake hits the dye of course!

Waving goodbye to her golden locks, Miss Lively debuted a flame-ier side on the red carpet at the Time 100 Gala in New York. Her new 'do' which is reminiscent of Disney princess Ariel is alleged to have been done to help her get in character for her latest role in movie Hick. Blake's change of colour is nothing new, going to the dark side for Green Lantern when starring opposite Ryan Reynolds.

Blake Lively debuts red hair. Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Time Warner

Whether or not you like Lively's new look, there's one thing she'll be able to say after testing all three hair colours -  DO blonde's have more fun?

Monday, 25 April 2011

No more Cheryl Vs. Danni in the style stakes?

Well, if what New York Magazine is reporting is to be true then yes, the style battle is well and truly over. No more weekly waiting for the best-dressed and biggest budget on wardrobe. 

Top 5 Style Crushes - #4 Leighton Meester

Best known for her role as Gossip Girl's Upper East-Sider, Blair Waldorf, Leighton Meester has made a splash both as a credible actress and a style savvy female. Not afraid to be the first to take the odd fashion risk here and there, she's capulted onto the scene with her mix of classic and controversial ensembles. A style chameleon, Miss Meester may make some fashion faux-pas but when she gets it right, BOY does she get it right.


Khaki and cream bodycon @ a Tribeca Film Festival, Channelling Chanel in classic black, Brightening the red carpet in this jewel-yellow strapless, Show stopping stripes in Louis Vuitton @ Teen Choice Awards, Cream of the crop @ a Runway show


Working minimal make-up and catwalk chic, Back to body-con with monochrome and a sophisticated up-do @ a Reebok event, Taking on the tuxedo trend with ease, Embracing the embellishment, Multi-tasking the latest trends with see-through lace and Victorian era @ a red carpet event

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Thankfully, lent is over so I can now once again indulge in chocolate. I have five yummy easter eggs waiting for me so I'm pretty happy! I'm in my 'lazy day' attire today, so now outfit posts from me!

Hope everyone's having a lovely easter. Did anyone else give anything up for Lent?

Top 5 Style Crushes - #5 Lauren Conrad

Californian Conrad slips in at my number five for her ladylike looks that inspire girls across the globe. Switching from classic black and white to bold blues and daring hues, Lauren executes each enchanting ensemble with ease. And who can forget that hair? Using it as her number one accessory, it alone should be given a style award. Jealous? I definitely am!


A nude lip teamed with a glitzy black dress @ VH1's Diva event; California cool in a khaki blouse and high-waisted shorts @ Teen Vogue's Hollywood Party; Letting the glitter do the talking in a slick blazer @ a Maxim and Ubisoft event; Back to black with a flash of red @ a Samsung mobile launch; Office chic to a tee @ a Madewell and Lucky magazine event; 


Not feeling the 'blues' in this chic ensemble, teamed with classic Chanel @ Heidi and Spencer's wedding; Rocking the hues @ Hollywood's Style Awards 2009; Presenting the puffball dress @ MTV Movie Awards 2009; Grey bodycon @ an Avon Foundation event; Bringing floral's back to basics @ a Who What Wear event

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Top 5 Style Crushes

Everyone has them, whether it's an actress, a singer or your best friend. Having someone we admire for their style can not only pinpoint where our style path may lead, but gives us inspiration in re-creating their look. Who are mine? Off the top of my head, my top 5 list would go as follows (in numerical order of favourite):

  1. Blake Lively
  2. Nina Dobrev
  3. Olivia Palermo 
  4. Leighton Meester
  5. Lauren Conrad

Over the next week, I'll be looking at my top 5 looks for each of my top 5 style crushes, starting tomorrow with Lauren Conrad - reality star and author, best known for her shows Laguna Beach and The Hills.

Who are your style crushes?

What I Wore: Spring Sunbathing

(Jumper: H&M, Belt: Dorothy Perkins, Shorts: Red Herring at Debenhams)

Had an afternoon date with the girls at Lyme Park (a beautiful national trust site, where a lot of costume dramas and films (such as Pride and Prejudice - if you remember that infamous Colin Firth white t-shirt lake scene) have been set). I personally don't like to expose too much of my body. I generally follow the Victoria Beckham rule of if you flash your legs - keep the top half covered and vice versa, so when coming to hotter climates, I find outfit selecting much more of a task. I also have a HUGE problem with my legs and have zero confidence in getting them out. However, because of how warm it has been, I didn't really have much choice, so I braved my insecurities and got them out. My red herring shorts are great as they are baggy so if anything slim my thighs slightly and are a great light-weight material to keep you cool. They cost me about £8, but this was back in January, so whether they still retail at that price or at all for that matter, I'm not sure. Following Mrs B's rule, I covered my top half up, throwing on my favourite H&M nautical piece which cost £7.99, but is currently in the sale for less @ - so go grab a bargain ladies! Again, it's a lovely light material and makes an outfit look instantly chic. I then rounded up the outfit with my over-used tan belt which I got for a bargain at £3 from Dorothy Perkins. I love anything navy and tan together so I couldn't resist. Also, the high-waisted shorts swamp my child-like waist so rather than flash the entire Peak District, I kept some self-respect. 

'What I Wore'

I'm going to start a series of posts/photos entitled 'What I Wore' where I will showcase the outfit's I'm wearing. I don't always have my laptop with me so it's not possible for me do commit to a 365 day photo reel, but there will be at least a week, or a few every week :)

Friday, 22 April 2011

The Blogspot Vs. Tumblr debate

When it comes to blog hosts, three instantly come to mind - Tumblr, Blogspot and Wordpress. I've never used Wordpress so can't begin to comment, but the other two, I have. I made a Blogspot a few years ago but never 'took to it' and somehow I stumbled across Tumblr, which I now use on a daily basis. I find Tumblr incredibly easy to use and customize, however I've decided to give Blogspot another go. Since thousands upon thousands of bloggers turn to Blogger to display their inner thoughts, it must have a few advantages surely? I'm still getting to grips with the design of this website, so bare with me. For now, I'll be keeping Tumblr for my personal blog: - but I've got the URL I want for my fashion blog, so Blogspot, here I come!

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