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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Beauty Review: Body Shop's Satsuma Body Butter

Now, I'm not one to really review products unless they really 'WOW' me, so just by writing this, you can tell it's in for a positive write-up. I'm quite brand loyal to the Body Shop and it's products - my foundation's from there, they have great deals (I got a £10 make-up brush free with my foundation), the ingredients are good for you, purchasing off them helps the environment and they are against animal testing, the body shop parties are always great - I could go on! But back to the product in  hand...

I've heard about these body butters for a while but never purchased them myself as I always have the mantra 'Oh, they'll never work on me'. Boy was I proven wrong! I was given a body shop gift set for Christmas with this particular body butter included. I'm not confident AT ALL about my body (especially my legs) but with the recent surge of hot weather we've been having, I couldn't avoid covering up my legs for much longer. We had a picnic in the beautiful Lyme Park last week so I was brave and ditched the opaques. I smoothed on about a quarter of the tub (it was only a small tub FYI) onto my legs and body and within seconds my skin looked and felt incredible. And not to mention the incredible smell - it lasted all day which is rare for someone like me, who usually perfume wears off within minutes. The satsuma smell is divine and gets me in the summery mood. Have I been converted? You bet! And with my sister hosting a Body Shop party in 3 weeks - have a guess what I'll be stocking up on :) 

50ml - £5.00
200ml - £12.50


  1. I love the Almond and Mango ones, my winter and summer 'smells'! Their scrubs are fab too but I also like the Boots versions of these :)

    Maria xxx

  2. Really? I'm after a good body scrub, are they worth the money? - I've heard the Soap and Glory one's are good but my sister's having a body shop party in two weeks and get 30% off orders so deciding which brand to go with!


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