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Monday, 23 May 2011

Beauty Review: Red lipstick - Under a fiver Vs. Under a tenner

Now, where most experts will tell you to go for a red lipstick that suits your skin tone, I instead completely dismiss that and go for a colour that I want. I am, afterall, going to be the one who is wearing it. And anyway, if you’re too pale for a particular shade – apply fake tan, bronzer or wear a darker shade of foundation/powder.

For those who know me, they know that not a day goes by when I’m not donning a Snow White lip as I feel it completes any outfit and I generally feel more confident wearing it. I’ve used a fair few different brands in the past, but I tend to nowadays flip between two – Rimmel and Collection 2000. Review time? I think so...

First up is Rimmel's 'Colour Show off Lipstick'

(Apologies for the battered's fair to say I've got my use out of this lipstick!)

Price: £6.29 at Boots (Prices correct of 23/05/2011) = 3/5
Packaging: Glossy, eye-catching with the traditional Rimmel crown logo reminding you of the brand reliability. Hot pink colour very attractive and easy to find in a busy handbag. = 5/5
Colour: #230 Hot Fever – Deep,  rich red which appeared very flattering to skintones, even my complexion which is naturally quite pale. = 4/5
Fragrance: Hard to explain but quite a floral/fruity smell which was lovely to wear as most lipsticks don’t come with this added benefit. = 5/5
Overall: 17/20
Overall this is a lovely well-rounded product with a price that won’t break the bank. With a brand name like Rimmel, you know you’re getting a good product and for me, the quality of packaging will sell itself. Rimmel often do 3 for 2 at Boots so if this lipstick may be slightly more than you’d be willing to pay – wait for events like this to stock up!

And in corner B is Collection 2000's 'Volume Sensation Lipstick'

Price: £2.99 at Boots (Prices correct of 23/05/2011) *Offer* 2 for £5 on selected Collection 2000 = 5/5
Packaging: Not very exciting, black and simplistic and would be quite hard to find in a full handbag. But maybe this has had an effect on the low price. = 2/5
Colour: #8 Cherry Pop – Again, a lovely rich ruby red shade that instantly perked up my complexion. Exactly the shade of red I’ve been looking for which is why I award this full marks = 5/5
Fragrance: Minimal fragrance that doesn’t really stand out, but again this could  be reflected in the price. = 2/5
Overall: 14/20
Overall this product is excellent value for money. The packaging or fragrance may not be that amazing but for under £3, you get what you pay for. Afterall, you buy a lipstick for the colour right? So if you were basing it on that factor alone then this lipstick is for you! Boots currently have a 2 for £5 offer on selected Collection 2000 products so why don’t you treat yourself to a few new shades?

 Left - Rimmel
Right - Collection 2000

 Left - Rimmel
Right - Collection 2000
I wore the Rimmel lipstick on my left (camera right) and the Collection 2000 lipstick on my right (camera left) - but as you can see the shades are that close that you can't really tell. (I increased the contrast on the photos so the colours were as vivid and visible as possible).

Now normally, the product with the highest score would win right? But in my case the winner is Collection 2000. Although I do like Rimmel’s lipstick, as I wear red lipstick practically every day, I can’t rationalise having to spend over £6 every month or so. That’s not to say I won’t buy Rimmel’s lipstick again as I will, but I tend to use it for special events where the fragrance is more important. Whereas I’ll use Collection 2000’s for every day use as I can afford to re-purchase that one more. So, that’s what this review comes down to – consumer habits. For overall quality – Rimmel wins, but depending on your personal budget and use, decide from that.

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