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Monday, 6 June 2011

Top Tip - Wash your hair brushes!

I've decided I'm going to start a feature of 'Top Tips' when I think I good beauty/life tip is good enough to share with you. more! magazine have inspired me to start this up when I recently tried one of their beauty tips. I'm usually quite reserved about trying out the latest tip as I've tried hundreds. I'm told to dry my hair downwards to smooth the cuticles, to wash my hair with warm water as that's the temperature shampoo is made to work with but at the same time to finish off with a cold splash of water to lock in the shine of your hair. Then I'm told to not towel dry my hair as it's damaging and I'm not allowed to brush it when wet as it could break - Can you see how it's confusing?!

...But, when I read more!'s beauty tip, I thought -why not? What do I have to lose. Now let me start by telling you I very attached to my long hair. As a child, I was NEVER allowed to have long hair and when the clutches of my parents were released, the first thing I did was grow my hair. Call it rebellion if you wish. It's been growing  ever since and I fear the hairdressers as my hair is like my security blanket. When I'm having a bad hair day, my mood shows it as stupid as that sounds. But ever since starting university, it's started to lack it's usual lusciousness (if that's a word). I tried changing my diet, shampoo, hairdryer, brush, temperature of water, using a jug, using clear shampoo to remove dirt, towel drying it, not towel drying it, home-made hair masks, expensive hair masks - you name it - I tried it! I currently have 7 different brands of shampoos, conditioners and hair masks sitting in my bathroom and let me tell you, my mother is not best pleased - all of which probably total over £60. 

And then I read the following tip in more! magazine: 

Washing your brushes may seem like a normal routine to most, but it wasn't to me. Sure, I 'de-haired' it and quick rinsed it with cold water once a week but never used shampoo...until now. I tried the tip and my hair is back to it's once glory. It's not 100% back, but definitely 90%. I'm most confident when my hair's lovely so feel relieved that something as simple as shampooing  my brush can have this result which is why I'm sharing this wonderful tip with you.

#1 is:  Shampoo your brushes

To read more top beauty tips, pick up this month's copy of more! magazine!

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