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Monday, 6 June 2011

What I Wore: Sunbathing in the Peak District

Some may think that once the weather turns warmer, fashion becomes less of a hassle...but I don't. Winter - you wrap up warm, so summer wear less right? Well yes, but with English 'hot weather', you never know when it's going to change. I'm not the most body confident and have become so reliant on my black opaques that the thought of baring my legs leaves me shuddering with fear. It's okay on holiday as you're guaranteed hot weather and everyone else is wearing minimal clothing. I however, live on a main road - so am subjected to abuse if I 'get my legs out'.

Striped crop top - H&M
High-waisted black shorts - Red Herring @ Debenhams
Black hat - Primark
Black wedges (Can't really see them) - Primark

It took me a while to decide on this outfit as I had to think about our English weather, however it was boiling hot. The crop top is lightweight and I love anything nautical so that was a no-brainer. The high waisted shorts are great as they clinch in my little waist, are a nice light material (perfect for hot temperatures) and in case of the arrival of any windy weather - won't expose anything like a skirt could do.

 Beccy wore a skirt, but had cut up a pair of leggings to wear as shorts underneath - my friend Rachel has also worn plain black shorts under dresses on nights out in case of any falls (sober or drunk ones!). Both of which are great ideas if your like me and feel uncomfortable about wearing a short skirt on a hot day. Henry Holland did a pair of black cycling shorts in his collection last summer and I'm sure other high-street retailers will stock some in their basic range. If not, go DIY and do what Beccy did - you're self-respect will thank you in the long run :) 

I wore this 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' inspired black hat to glamourize my outfit. It instantly makes a statement and for under a fiver, it's pretty hard to say no to! And I topped the outfit off with a classic 'Stacey' addition - a pair of heels (well wedges). I'm quite small in height and I like anything that instantly lengthens my legs so I wore a plain black pair of wedges from Primark - but also carried a Primark £3 pair of black pumps to switch between when we walked to the picnic and incase my feet hurt. I think having two pairs of shoes can be a lifesaver in certain situations. If I'm going out in the day or night in heels - I ALWAYS carry a pair of flats with me in case I have to run for a train or my feet need a break. Obviously on nights out, my bag can't fit a standard size flat shoe, so I have Butterfly Twist shoes in black (see photo below). 

They're not ugly, are light-weight and fold neatly into a triangle, held together with a rubber band. The price may be steep but the price of having pain free feet after a long night out is honestly worth every penny. To visit the website click here.

Below are some photos of the day and the scenery around us. There are some definite perks of living in the Peak District for sure!

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