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Friday, 15 July 2011

Hair Inspiration

I'm going to confess something to you now, something that my friends are well aware of - I have a phobia of the hairdressers - mainly getting my hair cut.

This is an extract from my personal blog about my fear: I’ve had several bad encounters with hairdressers from birth. They used to cut my fringe too short as a child so I had to push it back with a headband for the first two weeks to conceal the appalling cut. They’ve dyed my hair black before and it cost me £70 for the worst hair moment of my life. And they gave me so-called ‘tiger-streaks’ once, as my scalp was burnt from skiing so they wouldn’t colour it the colour I wanted, so I ended up with zebra-crossing hair - not a good luck. Both of the colour disasters cost my mum and myself a LOT of money and misery as I was a cow throughout these ‘traumas’ and refused to go to school at one point due to how crap I felt. It’s because of this that I A/ avoid the hairdressers at all costs and B/ get a friend to colour my hair. That way it’s miles cheaper, I’m in semi-control and if it does go wrong (hopefully it won’t), it’ll be my fault. 

But recently, my hair has been in terrible condition - a mixture of colouring, split ends, heat, too much shampoo and conditioner and general weather conditions. So, I decided to man up and head to the hairdressers. It was quite obvious I was nervous (had the shakes) but luckily I had a new, very nice hairdresser who clearly saw how weird I get about it. I had only an inch off but the result is great. My hair is still long and now is in GREAT condition. I just feel like such an idiot for waiting for so long to go back! 

Anyway, the point of this article was not for to ramble on to you about my hair history, but to show you my hair inspirations. Everyone has them. If I was blonde, I'd want Blake Lively or Lauren Conrad's hair. Megan Fox, Sophia Bush and Nina Dobrev are my favourite brunette hair idols. Below are the images I had in mind:

Leighton Meester images
Sophia Bush images

I have naturally poker straight hair so it's quite boring after a while. What these four photos all have in common is the front framing style. The middle two images showcase more of a fringe (or bangs) which I'm not brave enough to try yet, but the outer two are what I've gone for - something that when I wear my hair up or half up half down, I will have hair to frame my face. 

Leighton's definitely a colour chameleon, but as far as classic style that always exudes being flawless, Sophia is always successful. 

So who's your hair inspirations? 

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