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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Guilty Pleasures

I remember when I voted in GLAMOUR's Sexiest male 2011 poll and the second question was to reveal your so-called 'guilty pleasure'. For most people, this usually means someone they're attracted to but probably shouldn't and/or are embarrassed about. I don't quite remember what I put, but what's made me write this post is recently I've had dreams involving people who I would never normally find attractive and then when I wake up, I've started to see in a different light. It's quite creepy, but at least now I can have men to label my guilty pleasures. Want to know who they are? Scroll down to reveal my embarrassments...  

Justin, J-T, Trousersnake
Whatever you know him by, this is Justin Timberlake. Yes, you all maybe be shouting, how is he a guilty pleasure? He's not ugly or old. But, I've just never found him attractive so it's quite embarrassing for me. The worst is still to come...

Jason Merrells (sorry, no nicknames this time!)
For those of you not familiar with his face, Jason plays Emmerdale's most eligible bachelor (basically because he's a millionaire and lives in the nicest house in the village and is newly single after wife Ella had an affair with her daughter's boyfriend - Yep, it's all going down in the Dales!). I literally have no idea why he was in my dream but he was and now I find him good looking, even though he's faaaar too old. Damn you twisted dreams, damn you!

Guess their called guilty pleasure for a reason!

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