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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I surprised even myself

Most people who know me will know, I love to shop. If I was ever going to be admitted into any sort of rehab in life, it would be into an addiction for shopping. So when we planned a trip to the Trafford Centre for last minute holiday shopping, I envisaged me coming back with bags and bags of purchases which I could then blog to you lovely people. Well, turns out I brought a big fat NOTHING. 

In all fairness, it wasn't intending to be a big shop as not only did we only have about 2-3 hours, it was only a holiday shop and I have so many clothes that I could never shop again and be okay. But that won't happen as I like to update my wardrobe with new season's collections and so forth. If we'd had more time, I would have liked to have properly sifted through H&M's Autumn collection but it's not all fully in stock and sale items are still being sold off. OFFICE wasn't too impressive either as the shoes are much cheaper online. I'm very tempted to buy two pairs of shoes, however neither of which would get here in time for my holiday. Dorothy Perkins' was also quite poor in store (I'm a poet and I don't know it) so I recommend everyone to shop online as there's still over 2,000 items in the sale and for a limited period - there's an added 10% off (applied at checkout). 

My sister brought herself two skirts, shorts, a bag and a maxi dress. The maxi dress was a really big deal to her as as she's only 5ft 2, she always complains she'll never be ever to find one that fits her well enough. But alas, Jane Norman came through for her. JN is definitely not up my ally style wise as unlike other stores where you can sense a theme of colours and textures, JN just looks random to me. Plus, I thought it was going to administration, yet they've re-opened the Trafford Centre store and a lot of their stock is still full priced and even the so-called sale items are still quite pricey. But each to their own. 

Whilst writing this, I've just realised that I accidentally lied about purchasing nothing. I did in fact buy two new lipsticks from Collection 2000. They had a two for £5 offer on and Barry M had a two for £7 offer on. I was going to try Barry M lipstick but their shade of red just wasn't as vibrant and stand out as my trusty collection 2000. I might write a quick review of my two new shades tomorrow actually, so I'll stop writing and comparing now otherwise I'll give it all away!

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