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Monday, 15 August 2011

The Portugal Fashion Diaries: Sunday

Dress - Primark
Black wedges - New Look

This was my first time wearing this dress out. I fell in love with it in the shop (the detailing at the top was enchanting) but refrained from wearing it as it was quite long for my petite height. Luckily, my mum can sew excellently so took up the length and voila, my lovely dress was wearable again! (I hope to learn her sewing skills someday). Again, the New Look wedges were out to finish off the look. 

Sunday we spent the day at the gorgeous Fisherman's beach in Albufeira. At night we went to the Thomas Cook quiz night and split out holiday party into two teams - my sister and I (Team Ford) and our friends (and twin brother and sister) Alex and Cat (Team Wild). The first round was to use a sheet of tin foil to create an icon of what a holiday symbolizes. I decided we were going to go with the idea of a sandcastle and spade as growing up, I spent hours building them with my dad. I gave my sister the easier job of making the spade whilst I tackled the sandcastle. I made it 3D with windows (with curtains and flower pots) with, drum roll please...a swinging door (stuck on with lipgloss). Alex and Cat made a beach and sea with 3D palm trees and swimmers. My sister turned around and basically put down my work by exclaiming: "You can tell who took A Level Art" (aimed at Alex and Cat). Thanks Clare, I took art too! There was another team with kids so we'd resigned to the fact that the kid would win but shockingly, my sister and I WON. I couldn't actually believe it, but was even funnier was the quickness of my sister eating her words and saying how good ours was. A minute ago, she was saying the opposite! The prize was a €6.50 free cocktail which was incredible delicious. Alex and Cat complained to us of cheating as we used exterior items in the form of lipgloss (for sticking on the door) and eyeliner (for drawing on my sandcastle's detail) but as this was not against the rules - I say more fool them for not thinking outside of the box ;)

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