Monday, 15 August 2011

Top 10 Sexiest Males - #1 ALEXANDER SKARSGÅRD

There isn't necessarily anything I need to write here, a photo is worth a thousand words. But, I'm quite happy to write about him anyway. Swedish actor Alexandar Skarsgård is my number one sexiest male. Two months ago, I'd never heard of him but two months ago, I'd never watched True Blood. Anyone who knows me will know that placing Alex before my beloved Michael Fassbender is a real honour, after all, I've had a thing for Fassy for the past five years. But Alex is in a league of his own. Thanks to True Blood, we get to see Skarsgård in all his glory. Charming accent, well honed physique, those eyes...I could honestly keep going but I'm starting to sound ridiculously 'fan-girl'. I've only seen him acting in True Blood so I can't comment on his ability as an actor but from what I have seen, he's superb. His portrayal of sexy vamp Eric Northman is sexy, sassy and sarcastic. And now in season 4 we've seen a more emotional and sensitive side to his character which shows the depth and range to his acting. Currently filming What Maisie Knew in New York, I'm pretty jealous that I'm in rainy England. 

Not only that but he seems genuinely lovely and down to earth, signing autographs and taking photos with fans. If there was a perfect human being, I'd say he was pretty close. I'll stop writing now... 

To find Alex (and more about him) click here: 


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