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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Look Lounge Blogging: The photos!

About a week ago I was invited by Look Magazine to their Look Lounge events happening around The Look Fashion show. The list was incredible, from free hairstyling, to complimentary manicures and Q&A sessions with fantastic bloggers to fashion talks about the latest season trends - there was something for everyone. Because I'm officially back at university in Preston, I couldn't make any of the events during the week so Saturday was really my only opportunity to head on down and join in on the action. Here's a link to the list: but as it says - booking is essential. I made sure to book to blog at the Look Lounge as as I live nearly 4 hours away or 200 miles to be precise: 

So I didn't want to travel that length of time to find out the Lounge was full up. Luckily, not only had I booked, the Look Magazine staff were very helpful and quick to respond to any emails I sent. 

With Westfield Stratford City having only opened at the beginning of the week, the centre was packed (and that's not even an exaggeration). After dinner time, the number of security present had doubled to try and deal with the congestion. Not only because of this but as the Look Show was due to start at 4pm, I had liaised with the Look staff and agreed it would be a quieter time to come in and blog around then. I had intended to head over at 3pm but at the time, I was over at John Lewis (the other end of the centre to the Look Lounge), so had to battle my way through hundreds upon hundreds of (some angry) shoppers. I eventually made it across the centre at about 3:30pm, once the security man finally let me in (he didn't understand what blogging was and thought I was trying to sneak my way in - luckily the Look staff manning the door quickly recognised why I was there and let me in! :)). 

The Lounge itself is fabulous as you can tell from the images - it's feminine, fun and suave - whoever was in charge of the interior design did and AMAZING job - from the colour palette to the chandeliers! The hub was filled with Look staff who were busy flying around sorting out last minute touches to the show so I wasn't expecting them to be as hospitable as they were. Nothing was too much trouble for them, they were so nice and helpful which is such a refreshing thing to witness when you've spent your life assuming magazines run a la Devil Wears Prada but I'm happy to report this is not the case with Look Magazine! 

As soon as I arrived I was given a laptop as well as a bottle of water (which after my commute was a GOD SEND!) and got to blogging. Admittedly, my blog wasn't as detailed as I wanted it to be (because I SERIOUSLY underestimated the crowds at the centre so didn't have enough time), but I did manage a quick blog entry which I hope people had the change to read :) I'll explain in my next blog post as to another reason why I didn't have much time to blog - stay tuned guys ;)

Before I end the blog post I'd like to thank the Look team for the invite and the opportunity, I felt very grateful and excited to be part of the day.

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