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Friday, 23 September 2011

Update: The Internet

Now, if you read my blog you'll have noticed that my post frequency has dropped quite significantly. On average, I like to post at least twice a day to keep my readers entertained.
However, from the beginning of September, I moved into my new house at university to start my third and final year (scary stuff right?!). To add to that craziness, we were told by Sky that a technician would be coming round on the 21st September to sort out our internet (we thought we could just carry on the same contract as we had last year as we’ve only moved next door, but apparently not!). The guy came and instead of sorting the internet, he just came to install a phone line as the guys who had our house last year didn’t have one (how they had the internet without a phone line, I’ll never know!). We then read on our Sky letter that it can be up to two weeks after your phone line is installed before your internet is activated. We wouldn’t mind but a/ we need the internet to do all of our work and b/ if we’d known it would have created this much chaos, we wouldn’t have stayed with Sky!

So basically, I can’t blog properly until the 30th September as that’s when it gets installed. I’m going back to my parent’s on that date anyway so any blog posts I can write (like outfit ones) will be posted again! I apologise for this inconvenience, I know how annoying it is when you follow/read a blog that suddenly stops updating, but I’m not doing it on purpose J

I’ve added the max internet bundle onto my contract phone so that I can update my Twitter etc. so if you want to follow me on there while I’m blog-less – feel free, my username is @staceyjmford.

 I’ve made a music video about my time at the Look Show held at Westfield Stratford City last Saturday which sadly won’t get uploaded onto Youtube until next Friday also – my username for that is: staceproductionz.

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