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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Weekly Round Up

001. I've finally got the internet at my new pad so my blog will resuming to it's usual blogging frequency! 

002. Tomorrow I'm off to London for an interview for work experience. I'm nervous but excited at the same time. I really hope I get it, as the more experience I get, the better - so if anyone wants to hire a fashion intern, get in touch ha!

003. The weather - Yep, not exactly a usually thrilling topic but how nice has it been this past week?! Obviously this hasn't helped my friends and I to be motivated in doing our uni work as when we weigh up staying in versus sit in the garden and have a refreshing Koppaberg - the Koppaberg always wins. After-all, when do we EVER get weather like this in October?! 

004. I came back to my parent's in Derbyshire on Friday for my sister's 24th birthday. We went out to Bredbury Hall on Friday night which for anyone who follows my tweets will know, I didn't have a good night - but I swear that Emmerdale's ex bad boy Nathan Wylde aka Lyndon Ogbourne was there who was very good looking in the flesh. We spent yesterday in the sun at the Pavillion Gardens in Buxton and last night went for a family meal. 

005. My Topshop order is on it's way. "Groundbreaking" I hear you say, but I got everything I wanted from their sale from day one and for amazing prices. A blog post shall be made upon it's arrival ;)

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