Sunday, 9 October 2011

001. First and foremost, the result of my London interview was...I GOT THE INTERNSHIP :) Come December/January, I will be interning for PR at New Look. The staff there were incredibly nice and welcoming and I cannot wait to start! I'm very grateful for them giving me this opportunity, the more experience I can get - the better, after all I want a job that I want to do when I finish my degree. On a downer, I now have to find somewhere in London to stay which is easier said than done. Realistically, I can't afford to book into a hotel for two weeks and as I'm staying by myself, I wouldn't feel safe in a hostel. 

002. While my day in London was amazing overall (having got the internship), the day was a bit of a nightmare. I'd got up to get my 7:30am train which should have arrived in Euston at 10:30am. Unfortunately there was a fatality on the line in Congleton which meant my train had to go back the way we came and find a different route. Subsequently, I didn't arrive in the big smoke until midday. I then got on the 16:00pm train back home which meant nearly double the amount of time I actually spent in London on a train, which was mind-numbingly boring. 

003. Fashion-wise, there's been some great promotions going on on the high street this week. With mid-season sales hitting New Look, H&M, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge and more, there's been so many bargains to be had! Topshop have been running their popular 20% discount for students and ASOS held a short but very sweet 'You choose' sale where basically, shoppers could submit what items they'd like to see discounted and ASOS chose a handful and whacked a whopping 80% off. H&M also saw customers fleeing to their stores after giving away a £5 gift voucher with every purchase (yes I was one of those people!). 

004. Speaking of Topshop, I had a bad experience with my delivery that arrived on Monday, but thanks to their fantastic customer service team, they have redeemed themselves and I am very grateful for their co-operation and generosity. 

005. This weekend saw the start of the live X Factor shows and while most will be tuning in purely on a singing basis, I and many others will also be excited for the fashion. Last year on my other blog, I ran a series of articles documenting the fashion battle between Dannii and Cheryl and this year will be no different. Each Monday I will be evaluating the outfits that Tulisa and Miss Rowland select and casting my own fashion verdict. 



  1. Congrats on your internship, yay!!! You guessed right on my blog ;) x

  2. Thank-you! :) Did you purchase your domain name through Blogspot? I'm thinking of buying one myself xx


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