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Friday, 7 October 2011

H&M - The shop that rewards you for shopping there!

Once again, Twitter has proven a winner for finding out about the best fashion news. Last night I saw a tweet about someone receiving a £5 gift card upon their purchase and thought it would be too good to be true. I messaged HM United Kingdom but they didn't reply, so with it being my day off - I thought I'd head in to town to find out the low down for you guys ;) ... and to do some shopping off course!

How long is the offer on for? 
HMUnitedKingdom's Twitter states that you have from yesterday until Sunday to receive your H&M gift card (upon a purchase of course).  

Is there a minimum spend in order to receive the card? 
Simple answer - no. I expected there to be one though. I'd presumed it would have been at least £10 but it's anything you purchase. I can imagine there's hoards of people purchasing the odd bobble or ring to try and get their money's worth, which to some may look a little cheap, but as there are no restrictions then fair play to them!

Are there any restrictions as to what store you can redeem it in? 
No, you can use your gift card in any store. I'm not sure whether it can be redeemed online though so check before you get to your basket checkout!

How long do you have to redeem it? 
I'm not sure if the dates differentiate depending on the day you get your card but mine (I got mine today - 7th October) states I can use my card from the 10th October to the 23rd October - which is almost two weeks to stock up on your Autumn/Winter essentials. 

Personally, I think this is a great promotion. I don't really need an excuse for me to shop here (as it's my all-time favourite shop) so this is really the cherry on top of the beautifully iced cake! What's also fantastic is the time period you have to redeem it. For an offer like this, H&M could have easily given you the weekend but they've given us fashion frenzied almost two weeks to snap up a bargain. My H&M was packed today - I wonder why.... 

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