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Friday, 14 October 2011

Perseverance Pays Off

Growing up, I used to visit my nanna every week and she'd ask me the same question: "Have you entered any competitions this week?" and my reply would nine times out of ten be "No." Admittedly, I was only a teenager at the time and competitions years ago were confined to old fashioned pen and paper. My nanna would always be entering competitions, she probably self-handedly kept Woman's Weekly and Take a Break magazine going the amount of issues she would buy just to enter every competition going and conquering the crosswords. She'd enter competitions with prizes that she'd never want to win herself, instead she'd enter to win them for her family. A car, a holiday, theatre tickets - you name it, she'd enter it. And that's what made her the wonderful woman she was. Along with all her other amazing traits, she was selfless, caring and loved her family unconditionally. 
The only competition I've ever won was an 'Animals for You' Disney competition I entered when I was about 10/11. They ran a best friends competition with a top prize of a holiday to Disneyland Florida. Basically, you had to send in a photo of you and your best friend along with a description of why you are best friends. I came second and won a massive box of goodies. At the time, it felt like all of my Christmases had come at once. 

But since then, my enthusiasm for competitions faded, up until I lost my nanna in June. She had such an enthusiasm for entering them and I want to keep that part of her alive. In the past few months I've entered near enough 100 competitions. And today I learnt that perseverance is key. 

Today I found out that I'd won Lara Lain's ( blog giveaway which is a beautiful lipstick print jumpsuit by SugarHill Boutique. I wear red lipstick on a daily basis so it has me written all over it, I cannot wait to receive it in the post and try it on! It also reminds me of Tulisa's X Factor audition jumpsuit which looked amazing so that's definitely given me some style inspiration. 

So thank-you to Fearne for picking me, thank-you to Lara for running such a fab giveaway and thank-you to my beautiful, wonderful nanna, without whom I'd never have the motivation to keep entering.

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