Thursday, 20 October 2011

Thursday Thought: Is blogging Journalism?

Good writing skills, timeliness, frequency, human interest - all skills that your everyday Journalist needs...oh, and bloggers. 

Ten years ago, the blogosphere was significantly smaller than it is today. Thirty years ago, it probably didn't even exist. Yet in today's society, it's hard to not stumble across a blog. And it's not surprising why. Anyone can be a blogger, and blog about, well, anything! Whether you're blogging about what you did that day, politics, fashion, health or sharing your favourite recipes - you're interacting with the world. Gone are the days when we'd scribble our favourite moments in a lock and key diary, now the world can know, at the click of a mouse. But where does blogging stop and Journalism begin? With citizen Journalism on the rise, that breaking story doesn't always land in the lap of the intellectual Journalist. The divide is most definitely becoming blurred. 

There are, however, the plain differences separating the enthusiastic blogger and the trained Journalist. Journalists have learned skills, are in tune to a particular style house, are under strict rules and regulations determined by both their employer and the industry's code of conduct and practised in having an eye for a story. Not to say blogging isn't respected, thankfully the world is giving blogger's the respect they deserve. 

They can make or break a company with a review, get invites to press days and events, can promote brands and more. A lot of work goes into blogging. You need not only the motivation to keep your blog going but inspiration for new and fresh content, patience, design skills to make their layout stand out from the crowd and an ability to write good copy. 

As a blogger and a Journalist (well, student for now!), my writing styles between the two couldn't be more different. On my blog, I'm my own editor. I have no-one to answer to and the content is under my control. I still have deadlines to meet and readers to entertain but the principles like I mentioned at the start of this post are the same. 

Do you see blogging as journalism? I'd like to hear your thoughts!


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