Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wednesday Want - London

This weekly article used to be named 'Wednesday Wishlist' but I failed epically in keeping it up for a total of one week. Appalling. So instead of featuring around 5 items that I want, my Wednesday want is going to be more streamlined into stuff I really do want and it's not always going to be fashion based. Some weeks it may be a beauty product, a film, a holiday destination etc. 

This week my Wednesday want is not Trafalgar Square as the photo suggests, but to live in London. Once I finish my degree I want to get a career in Fashion Journalism and to do that, I need to live down south. All of the internships I've applied for/am applying for are based in London which is fantastic but also highly expensive to afford. I could commute it every day but I think I'd get pretty exhausted travelling for five hours a day. For my December internship, I've asked a friend of a friend if I can stay with them so I'm awaiting a reply about that, but if not, it's going to be one expensive Christmas. Moral of the story, I need to live in London!


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