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Thursday, 13 October 2011

What's In My Bag

A very common blog post to do but with my workload being pretty hectic right now, I needed a quick article to do. This is my everyday bag (basically when I'm not at university as I have tons of books to carry). My 'everyday' bag is what most people consider to be their weekend bag or travelling bag, but what can I say, the bigger the bag the better. I struggle having a small bag on a night out as I like having everything I think I'll need with me at all times. And by the amount I carry in my bag, this satchel is the perfect size for it. 
1. Nail file with case - I'm quite OCD when it comes to keeping my nails in good condition so I carry this around with me everday
2. Collection 2000 Lipstick in Cherry Pop - Red lipstick is my staple, I don't know why, but I always feel better once I have a flash of colour on my face
3.Rimmel Eyeliner in Jet Black - Another make-up staple.
4. Foldaway bag - With more and more shops charging you for using a bag, I instead use this more stylish bag. My uncle's company makes them from recycled materials and lets face it, it beats a standard carrier bag!
5. Vintage mirror - I got this in my Look Show goody bag. It's compact, pretty and essential for make-up error check ups!
6. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Nude - Only just starting using this again. It makes your skin look flawless and doesn't give a heavy coverage which is perfect for everyday use.
7. Kleenex Pocket Tissues - Another Look Show gift. Tissues obviously always come in handy.
8. Impulse Into Glamour Body Spray - A new Impulse scent and I love it. I've been a fan of Impulse body spray for years and the scents are feminine and boost any outfit.
1. Personal Filofax in Raspberry - Expensive but I say worth every penny. It's smart, stylish and keeps everything organised. I use it to plan my calendar, store contacts, make notes and write shopping lists.  
2. River Island Purse - After buying this purse, I'm a River Island purse convert. With so many compartments and dozens of designs, each purse is unique to the individual owner. 
3. GLAMOUR magazine - If I'm on a long train journey, I usually carry my favourite monthly magazine - GLAMOUR. The mix of articles and fashion keeps me entertained and the size fits snugly into my bag. 
4. Water - I don't drink any particular brand to be honest but I always carry a drink with me regardless of where I'm going as it's important to stay hydrated. 
1. H&M Phone Case - I alternate whether I use it as my phone case or my IPod case but I think I'll start using it for my phone as there's more glass to damage on my phone and I want to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. 
2. IPhone - All I can say is, I'm glad I chose an IPhone over a Blackberry. Apple as a company is fantastic and I can't imagine reverting back to any other phone company now after having an IPhone. 
3. IPod Classic - My IPod is one of my most valuable possessions as it holds over five years of music, so it's basically a music history of my life. I take it most places with me, especially car journeys as it stops me getting travel sick and keeps me motivated when I go running. 
4. My keys 
5. Earphones
6. Paddle brush - A massive brush but essential for my long hair.
7. Umbrella
I got my Eiffel Tower keyring for the bargain price of 70 cents whilst in Paris. I also have a bottle opener on my keys which comes in SO handy when pre-drinking for nights out. 
One of my fashion rules I always swear by is to carry an extra pair of shoes around with you pretty much all the time. Life's unpredictable so you never know when you might need to change your look from daytime casual to sophisticated chic and vice versa. 9/10, I wear heels out, even in the daytime so I take flats in my bag in case my feet get tired or if the place where I'm going isn't flat-friendly. It stops people getting annoyed at you for complaining that your feet hurt as as soon as they do, you pop on your flats. I do this on nights out where I carry my Butterfly Twists (which I've blogged about before) and usually for the walk home, I'll carry my heels to give my feet a rest. Carrying heels is also essential for shopping days as an outfit can look and feel completely different once your a few inches higher. Some department stores will have shoes in the changing rooms for you to borrow to get an overall feel of a look but most don't, so if in doubt - take your own :) 

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