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Monday, 28 November 2011

Manchester Bloggers Meet Up

Group photos taken from Emma and Sarah so thank-you for uploading those!

Yesterday I went to my second blogger's meet up, this time closer to home in Manchester. As far as I'm aware, meet ups up North aren't as common as in London/down South so I'm jumped at the chance to attend this! I didn't know any of the bloggers previously which in some ways I think is a good thing as it puts you out of your comfort zone and you get to know the people behind the blogs, rather than sticking to just the people you know. 

Organised by Sarah from Sequin This, the event began at 1pm where we met it in the city centre. I travelled down with Rebecca from Rebecca's Vintage Romance as, like me, she studies in Preston. We did a quick shop in the Arndale, before heading to Grinch wine bar for hot chocolates and a gossip. We then spent the majority of the afternoon trawling through the Manchester Christmas Markets, which as you can imagine were heaving due to its popularity. There's everything there from different cultured foods to eat, cheeses from  around the world, Christmas jumpers, tree decorations, sweets, gifts and fashion. All of the food smelt yummy but I refrained from getting anything as we were booked into a restaurant in the evening so didn't want to spoil my appetite! I brought myself a scrabble ring from the Afflecks fair inside the town  hall which I'm going to blog about later. 

Before the meal, we went to a pub for a quick drink and more talk about all things blogging. It's nice to have people on the same wavelength who understand the problems you have and can give you advice and share their stories with you! 

We wrapped up the night with pizza at the Croma restaurant. I've never been before but I'm definitely going to head back - the food was delicious and the service impeccable. The interior was modern, clean lines and very chic. Whilst at the meal, we took part in a Manchester quiz that Sarah had devised. There were three joint winners - myself, and. I guessed most of the answers so I was surprised I got nearly all of them right, but growing up near Manchester, I would have been embarrassed if I hadn't had known any! I won a Clippy Phone Home which I love and can't wait to use (I shall blog about this too!). 

The event was sponsored by IL2L, Dainty Rose and Clippy who provided fab prizes for the day and I'm very looking forward to entering the IL2L compeitition to win a jacket from their collection which I'm coveting - I'll be posting my entry in the coming weeks. 

Overall it was a fantastic event and a great idea to bring Northern bloggers together. It was lovely to meet Sarah, Sara, Rebecca, LeanneLizzy, Sarah Emma, Nathalie and Jen and hopefully this will be the start of many!


  1. The event looks so lovely, I would have loved to have gone if I hadn't been busy.


  2. Great photos you all look gorgeous! Sounds like you had a great time too.

  3. We look forward to reading your competition post. It's nice to see you all had a great time :)

  4. welcome in the world of blogging!
    I follow you, follow me back if you want :)


  5. This looks so festive, and has got me in the mood for some christmas songs! x


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