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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wednesday Want: An Iphone Case

I've had my Iphone for a few months now and have been umming and ahhing since I purchased it as to whether I want a case to protect it. The positives? More protection? The negatives? I tend to get bored of something easy and I don't want my phone to be bulked up as it defeats the point of getting a sleek phone in the first place! 

If I were to take the plunge and purchase a case, these (above) would be the first three places I would turn to:

Top: Cath Kidston. I love her designs, they're fresh, feminine and look good quality. The only downside is the price. £25 on a case? When I was young, I'd 'splash' out a tenner on a Nokia case and feel that was sufficient a cost. 

Middle: Kate Spade. I've only recently discovered Kate's work and love the funky, bold and bright designs. Being a student journalist, my favourite has to be the newspaper cover. The downside? She doesn't seem to have 3GS cases (which is what model my phone is) and I'd still have to pay in the region of £25+. 

Bottom: Lucyboots phonecases. I met Lucy recently at a blogging event in London but only recently discovered her hidden talent in making the most bling-tastic phone cases. While I have a love/hate relationship with bling, I think her cases are unique, glamorous and fun. The prices of the case depend on the individual order, so contact her if you're interested. Most people who have Iphone cases have the stereotypical silicone cases in pink or a plain black case which neither appeal to me which is why Lucyboots cases appeal to me. Lucy is currently running a giveaway to win one of her fantastic cases, which you can enter here. I've entered it myself so keep your fingers crossed for me! Who knows, if I win, I won't have to deliberate what case to get :) 


  1. I looove the Cath Kidston one, now all I need is an iPhone to fill it haha!x

  2. Really love the first floral one
    ! xx


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