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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Weekly Round Up

001. Wednesday night we went out for Isobel's 21st (far left on photo) which was a laugh. I'm one of the last ones to turn 21 with my birthday being at the end of June. I'm trying to decide exactly what I want to do for my big birthday. I always had my heart set on New York, as I'd actually be legal to drink and go out, plus, I don't need any excuse to want to go back! But, since I'm going to Australia next summer, there's no way I can afford New York again booo! But I can't really complain as I have been twice before. I definitely want to go back again in the next five years and would love to go over the Christmas/New Year period as the ambience in the city is incredible, so if anyone has an apartment in Manhattan, let me know ha! I'm considering going to Dublin instead for a few days as there's some great deals on stunning hotels and getting there is dirt cheap but I obviously need to consult my friends about this as obviously I'm not going to go by myself. 

002. Thursday night I was lucky enough to attend Glossybox and Motel Rocks bloggers evening in London - see my post here. It was a fabulous event and lovely to see Lucy, Elodie, Sade and Jess, whilst meeting new faces such a Charlotte - check out their blogs guys! 

003. While the night itself was incredible, getting home was a different story. I naively assumed trains ran quite late during the week since they start so early in the morning - boy was I wrong. My last direct train back to Preston was at 9:10pm. The event itself was  scheduled to finish at 9:00pm and I didn't want to be rude and rush out early so I looked at my next best option - the 9:40pm train to Manchester with a midnight connection to Preston. I thought I could easily make this as Euston was only a 5 minute tube from the venue, however the underground was packed and slightly delayed, plus my ticket refused to work so I had to waste extra time going up to staff to let me through. When you add that with the ridiculously long escalators I had to sprint up, it all got quite hectic. Thankfully I got to the station ten minutes before my train left so I text my mum joking I was nearly stranded in London - now my mum's not a massive user of technology so never really replies to my texts straight away. One thing that bugs me about Euston is how with Virgin trains, they don't release the platform number until right before the train is to depart. I realise they have to clean and prepare the train but I cannot stand the awkward tension between passengers on the concord eyeing up their competition. And then minutes later run like there's no tomorrow to get first dibs on a good seat - quite dangerous really!

As usual my train's platform wasn't up on the screen which was bad enough, but then we were informed that because the train was delayed getting into London due to problems in Manchester, the 9:40pm train wasn't going to be leaving until 10:00pm which was annoying considering there was another Manchester train leaving at 10:00pm. I would have got on the 10:00pm scheduled train if it hadn't had been stopping at twice as many stops as my original. My next problem came in form of the late departure time. Initially I had a 25 minute connection time at Manchester, but now, because of the delay, I only had about 10 minutes and that was if the train I was on didn't come across any difficulties on the journey. I had two options if I missed it - get off at Stockport and go back to my parents or crash in Manchester station until the first morning train. I didn't want to worry my parents so I didn't tell them what was going on. However five missed calls later I had no choice. I spoke to my dad who informed me that my mum was sick with worry as (thanks to crack on her screen), she'd mis-read my message to say: "Was just about to text you in a panic, was nearly stangled in London lol" - when I'd said "stranded". Obviously I felt awful on my mum's behalf for making her worry so much (luckily now she's got a new phone so this will never happen again!). I told my dad about my train situation and he told me if I missed my train to ring him and he'd come and get me. Bearing in mind this was midnight, I told him not to be so silly and that if I missed the train then it would be my own fault and I'd deal with it. Thankfully I made the connecting train and got home late but safe. All in all it was quite a dramatic night but it proved to me how caring my family is. Please Virgin trains, run later trains? :) 

004. I've spent the week tidying up my CV and writing cover letters for internships. Usually when I struggle with something, the first people I turn to are my parents as I trust their input and advice - however cover letters weren't really around when they applied for jobs so they can't really help me so I'm just hoping my applications are going to be good enough! 

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  1. Oh no, your poor mum! bet she was manic! Glad you got home okay in the end xxx


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