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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Weekly Round Up

1. Not had the best of weeks, feeling quite down and a little tired of being at university and the work load. I'm hoping this is just a one off. 

2. I'm currently at home this weekend, which is mainly due to the fact I was doing Journalism work in Manchester and Buxton so it seemed pointless to past my house and not stop when Buxton is over 2 hours away! I felt a needed a different scenery to get over my 'bleh' period and I definitely got it. 

3. Friday night my sister had a body shop party at our house, which at first I wasn't too sure about as I wasn't feeling very sociable, but it was nice to see Cat before she goes to Wales for the next few months. Saturday I met up with one of my best friends, Megan for a catch up (which was a lot of fun!) and to stop me being a loner doing my vox pop in the street! I miss my home girls a LOT as I'm completely myself around them and I just feel like I fit in with them as we're on the same wavelength. I haven't seen either Rachel or Beccy in nearly six months which I don't like as whenever I have a bad week (like this one), I feel better when they're around to re-assure me about life! 

Saturday night I went to see Breaking Dawn with my sister. I'd heard quite negative reviews about the film so I went in expecting something not so great. As I hadn't got around to finishing reading this book, I couldn't compare the quality but while I wasn't blown away by it, it wasn't horrific. I do feel it didn't have the same plot pace and development as the others and it was quite graphic for it's 12A rating (there were children under 10 in there which I felt was inappropriate but I guess that's up to their parents!), but hopefully part 2 will be better!

4. Dara O'Briain released his 2012 tour dates which I'm very happy about as he is my FAVOURITE comedian! I was hoping he was going to gig at the Buxton Opera House (as he has done in previous years) but he tweeted me to say that wasn't currently in his line-up, so hopefully myself, Alex, Cat and Clare will be seeing him next May!

5. Today I went to The Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair in Manchester to cover the event and interview the founder, Judy Berger. The event itself was good, but I had BIG technical difficulties which sort of ruined my day but it's all stepping stones in life I guess!

6. This week I'm hopefully attending the Manchester Blogger's meet up, which I posted about here. I'm just hoping I keep on top of all my work as I definitely want to attend! 

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  1. I hope you feel better about school, I know it's no fun sometimes, but just keep your chin up!!


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