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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Christmas Sales - Ten of the best: Clothes

1. Drop Belt Collar Coat - New Look - £24.00 2. Trousers - New Look - £9.99 3. Crepe Split Side Maxi Skirt - New Look - £6.00 4. Knitted Sleeve Quilted Jacket - New Look - £10.00 5. Dress - H&M - £7.99 6. Summer Dress with Notch Front - ASOS - £9.00 7. Lipsy Fan Bandeau Dress - ASOS - £16.00 8. Motel Cillia Dress in Black and Red - Motel Rocks - £10.00 9. Velvet Mini Tube Dress - ASOS - £10.50 10. Dress - H&M - £7.99

Christmas Sales - Ten of the best - Shoes

1. Women's Irregular Choice Oz Smooch T-Bar Glitter High Heels - Schuh - £44.99 2. Women's Irregular Choice Oz Smooch T-Bar Ice Cream High Heels - Schuh - £54.99 3. Tooth and Nail Black Nylon Suede - Office - £20.00 4. Kingpin Wedge Boot Black Leather - Office - £15.00 5. Manpower Washed Berry - Office - £10.00 6. Manpower Black Suede - Office - £20.00 7. Aphrodite Black PU - Office - £15.00 8. Limited Edition Chelsea Boot - New Look - £30.00 9. May Snaffle Trim Loafers - Topshop - £15.00 10. Bunny2 PU Stretch Thigh High Boots - Topshop - £35.00

Friday, 30 December 2011

2011: Another Year Over...A New One Just Begun

I've cheated in writing this post up a few days before the New Year is upon us. Purely because I know on the eve itself, I won't have the time and if I did find the time to blog, it would be a poor excuse of a post which I wouldn't be happy with. 

For my New Year's I'm spending it with close friends in Liverpool at my friend's apartment. We spent New Year's there last year dressed as 'dead celebrities' (our fancy dress theme). This year it's animals and I'm going as a peacock. Well, I say this, but I'm yet to physically put my costume together as as my feathers are pretty much the same size as me, I can't transport it on the train so luckily my friend Heather has driven them up beforehand so they don't get bent. So I'll be spending Saturday afternoon pinning my outfit together before enjoying sex on the beach (the drink!), a cheeky few jagerbombs and perhaps some of Rob's homemade vodka. 

If you want to see how our 2010 New Year's celebrations went down - I made a Youtube video of it below:

I know people say this every year, but this year has flown by. It's been the best and worst year of my life at the same time which I'm not sure is actually possible but it's true. 

Through blogging I've met some good friends who I intend to stay in touch with and it's lovely to be part of a community where I feel like I fit in. I also get to write about something I love - fashion, which I'll hopefully get a job in after I graduate. 

I also got to re-visit one of my favourite cities Paris with one of my best friends Megan. We had such a laugh and I was impressed that we survived the travelling, cuisine and language barriers without any hiccups! I say 'language barrier', we hardly spoke any French as we turned into losers whenever someone spoke to us in French ha! 

I also had my first 'hot' holiday in five years in Portugal which was lovely - it's always nice to go somewhere new. The only downside was how hot it was - some days it was too hot to stay outside all day. 

I was very lucky to spend my 20th birthday with the entire Furness gang at Bredbury Hall as it's rare we're all free at the same time. 

They're just a few memories - this year also saw my parents celebrate their silver wedding anniversary and we booked a holiday to Australia next year to see our family over there which not only do I need to start saving for, but I'm extremely excited for! 

But this year also saw some real low times, most prominently was losing my beautiful wonderful nanna. Whilst there's been a number of other negatives of 2011, none of them even come close to the pain I felt and still feel over her loss. Admittedly I'm heart broken and I realise that that will never go away but in some ways I don't want it to as I'll never stop missing or loving her. 

2011 has definitely taught me a lot, which I'm sure 2012 will carry on with. I plan to: 

  • Work hard and come out with a good degree
  • Keep improving my blog and meeting new people
  • Gain more experience through the industry I want to go in to 
  • Spend more time with and appreciate the family and friends I have - life's too short for petty squabbles, I know that now 
  • Try and enjoy every day of life. My artwork at my university house states: "Don't count the days - make the days count" so I'm going to take some inspiration from that

So I hope everyone has had an amazing 2011 and not only has a fantastic New Year's celebrations, but makes the most of what 2012 has to offer. I appreciate every single one of you who reads my blog, comments, tweets me and so forth - after all, I blog for you guys as well as for my own enjoyment. So from me to you - 


Christmas Sales - Ten of the best: Homeware

1. Desk Top Ping Pong - Topshop - £3.00 2. Owlet Handwarmer - Topshop - £3.00 3. Eggs-terminator - Urban Outfitters - £4.00 4. Rubik's Cube Mug - Urban Outfitters - £5.00 5. Rubik's Cube Speaker - Urban Outfitters - £13.00 6. Vintage Floral Water Bottle - Urban Outfitters - £4.00 7. Pac Man Clock - Urban Outfitters - £15.00 8. Horn Phone Stand - Urban Outfitters - £10.00 9. 500XL Speaker Earbuds - Urban Outfitters - £20.00 10. Like/Dislike stamps - Urban Outfitters - £7.00

Thursday, 29 December 2011

What I Wore: Boxing Day

Dress - ASOS

I forgot to post this but I suppose the phrase 'better late than never' comes into play! Boxing day in my family is just as much of a celebration as Christmas day (well to me it is anyway). We spend half the day with my mum's side of the family and then spend the rest of the day with my dad's side, who we unfortunately don't get to see that often. We had our annual Ford family Christmas quiz where the result was 'on-the-edge-of-your-seat' close with the boys scoring 105 points and the girls 104. My mum was on fire in the sport section whilst the rest of us pulled clueless faces. My strengths came in the music and image rounds and I've made a suggestion to my uncle that next year's quiz may include a fashion section to even out the sexism of the sports round. 

Below are some family photos I took (well self timer did) as we rarely take them and after everything this year, the importance of family has been highlighted more than ever. 

What do you guys usually do on Boxing day? Is it a family affair for you too? Or do the sales tempt you into town? 

Christmas Sales

Maybe it's because the sales started before Christmas this year or maybe it's because I'm rapidly becoming an online shopping convert - but I wasn't impressed with this year's Christmas sales at all. Added with crowds of people, miles of queues at the tills and a constant rifling through rails of clothes and shopping quickly turns into hell. 

I'd seen most of the stock before and the so-called 'sale prices' weren't 'bargain-ous' enough to tempt me to fight fellow shoppers for that must have top. Whilst I love the actual experience of shopping normally - browsing, trying stuff on and coming away with a good deal  - I came away from shopping feeling quite deflated. Don't get me wrong, £2 for a top is amazing value for money but you also have to weigh up whether you'd actually wear it, because if the answer is a weary 'maybe' or one of those 'I'll wear it to the gym...', it doesn't even earn it's £2 status. 

For me, it's all about shopping online these days. I've already got my eye on several beauties from Topshop, H&M, Miss Selfridge and New Look that I'm keeping my fingers crossed come back in stock. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could tell a store your wishlist and they could message you as soon as it was re-stocked? 

I'm considering making a post for you guys about my top ten/twenty sales buys but what puts me off is that whatever post probably won't be in stock when you guys read it/look at it. But I'll probably do it anyway as a little momentum. 

Enough of my ranting, here's the pathetic sale buys I got. I spent a grand total of (drum roll please...) £9. Yes, £9. Not even rounded up to a tenner. And guess what, that was in Primark. 

Was £20, Now £6

First up was these shoes. I'm not picky when it comes to shoes. If it has a heel - we're a match made in heaven. But what I did like about these was the winter look about them with the shearing, leather effect, good grip and a kind of rock look about them. The majority of heels that I own are very ladylike and girly so I think I was drawn to them because they were something different. Plus, I currently have about 10 pairs of heels that need to be re-heeled so I'm in need of some new ones to tide me over. And for the price, I had to have them. 


I also picked up this bargain of a bag. Whereas heels are a breeze with me (that's as close to rhyming as I'll get), bags are another matter. On a day to day basis, I like to carry a bag around that has the Mary Poppin's effect. Basically I like to carry around my life with me as I'll never know what I'll need. You'll see what I mean in my What's In My Bag post I did. However, I cannot carry a bag of the same size when it comes to night time which is when I struggle but I have to accept the down-size. I've been after a nice simple clutch for a while and this bag fulfils that request. It's black, plain, classy and can be used as either a bag or a clutch which is a bonus. I also won't mind if it breaks as paying £3 would hardly be a loss!

What did you guys get in the sales? Did you have more luck than me? Share your bargains!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Weekly Round Up

001. This week I've been interning in London which has been a lot of fun but I didn't get to see much of the city. I'm constantly going down there though so it's not as if I haven't seen it all before but it's nice to get into the culture. Luckily we only had a half day at work on Friday and my sister had got the day off work so stayed with me Thursday night and we did some shopping, sight seeing and eating before heading home together. 

The worse part of getting the Manchester Virgin Train is the awkward tension between passengers at Euston station while you wait for the platform to be announced. Literally people eye each other up like competitors at sports day. I've been there when they've only announced the platform 5 minutes before it's due to leave but I guess it's all part of the fun... My sister and I agreed that if people did the usual stampede, she would take my suitcase and I would outrun everyone to get the seat I wanted. Yes, I actually have a specific seat (train nerd or what?!). Through analysing the train departure board and nosey-ing which trains were at each platform, we guessed correctly the platform of our train and I can proudly boast, I outran everyone to making it first on the train. 

002. The Furness lot are all back home for Christmas so yesterday we took a country stroll around a reservoir just outside of Buxton. It was nice to get some fresh country air and get excited talking about our New Year's plans. We then went to the local carol service at church before heading to one of our favourite pubs for some food. 

003. Today I've already talked about in my Christmas What I Wore post, but I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas. It really is about spending time with your family and friends rather than the actual gifts. Money most definitely can't buy you happiness, but love can. 

What I Wore: Christmas Day

Blazer - F&F, Velvet dress - New Look

I ordered this dress about a week ago when New Look were offering free delivery as that way, if I didn't like it - I wouldn't lose out when returning it. I have however, fallen in love with it. I love the richness of the hue and the texture (even though it goes through me when you rub velvet the wrong way - does anyone else agree with me? Or am I just a freak?!). I thought it was a very festive colour so wore it today. To make matters even better, it only cost £10 - bargain or what?! 

Merry Christmas Everyone

At long last, I'm back to blogging. Plus, it's Christmas so I'm double-y happy! First off Merry Christmas to all of my readers, without which, my blog would be shoddy as it would just be me to talking to, well, me! I hope you've all had a wonderful day, whether you've spent it with your family, friends or other halves and have enjoyed the festive food, music and gifts. This year, I've enjoyed much more the giving of gifts which I think is inevitable as you get older as, I'm sure like everyone else, by now I have pretty much everything I want so writing a 'list' becomes harder every year! I have received some lovely gifts which I may blog about at a later date :) 

Today we did the obvious breakfast and present unwrapping and then before heading to Christmas dinner at my nanna's, we laid a wreath on my late nanna's grave. I didn't get as long as I'd liked at the graveside so I'm going to go back and lay some flowers down or something. This is my first Christmas without her and in all honesty it's still not sunk in that she isn't here - we had so many fond Christmas memories with her around and this year it won't be complete without her. We then spent the afternoon with my mum's side of the family but now I'm nursing a serious food baby. After a week of living on soup, water and grapes in London, I don't think my body can handle this amount of food! 

I don't want to ramble on as I'm going to blog my usual weekly round up as as it is Sunday, it's due! But for now, I hope you enjoy the rest of your Christmas.

Monday, 19 December 2011


Even though I'm at my internship for the next five days, I was still expecting to blog on a daily basis. I haven't brought my laptop with me as not only did I not want to have to lug yet another heavy piece across London, the wi-fi charges in my hotel are ridiculous! I was relying on using the work computer during my break to blog each outfit post as the days go on. Unfortunately it's not accepting my camera as a camera, it keeps saying there's random files on it instead of photos which I know isn't true! Not only that but the work computers don't have Chrome and both Firefox and IE aren't working properly with either Photobucket and Blogger which is a double blow! To make matters worse, I left my camera memory card in my laptop reader at home so it's not as if I can take photos and blog them when I get back as the internal memory on my camera is tragic and can only store 5. If worst comes to the worst, I'm going to have to take one photo of each day and blog them when I get back as I don't really have much choice! Sorry guys! X

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Weekly Round Up

1. This week it's been very festive at home. The tree and decorations were put up, we went to the primary school's Christmas concert/nativity and it snowed. 

2. It's also been quite a dull week as I've been reading for my dissertation which has been hard to stay focused on whilst at home. 

3. You may have noticed that I've brought a domain name. Whilst my blog can still be accessed as, my *NEW* URL is: As I have quite a long name as it is, I wanted to shorten it to make it less of a mouthful when I'm explaining to someone what it is. Plus, I wanted to take the name before someone else did! 

4. I've also ordered some business cards for my blog as Vistaprint had an offer of 250 for £2.50 (or £2, I can't remember!) which I thought was too good an opportunity to miss! Unfortunately the total wasn't £2.50 as like Elodie had warned me, they add on costs for pretty much everything afterwards. I was pretty annoyed that I was charged for using my own design as they had to do no work at all with regards to the look of the card so I felt a bit cheated by that! Plus delivery was pricey and is going to take quite a few weeks as I refused to pay the high rate to get them delivered any quicker! In the end I got them for under £10 which I suppose still isn't bad for the amount I've ordered, but it's slightly mis-advertising when you think you're going to get a super bargain!

5. Last night I went to meet my girls from home, two of which I haven't seen for seven months when they left England for a summer in America. I didn't realise how much I'd missed them until I saw them. It was a laugh and reminded me how good friends we all are which is something I never want to lose. 

6. Any minute now, I'm setting off for my internship in London. I don't know if I'm allowed to disclose who it's with so I won't for now but I'm a mixture of nerves and excitement. I'm not very well this morning which I'm unsure whether I'm actually ill or just really nervous! Hopefully it'll pass soon! I'm down in London from today until Friday night. My sister's got Friday off work so is coming to  stay with me on the Thursday night and get the train home for Christmas with me on Friday after work. 

My dad's driving me to Manchester to catch the train as he wasn't able to reserve me a seat on the system so he's making sure I get first dibs! What a star!

So expect less blogging over the next six days. I won't have internet access at my hotel and using blogger on my phone doesn't seem to work well so the only posts I'll be able to manage is quick ones on my lunch break. I'll hopefully be doing a day by day outfit post like Elodie did on her blog. So thanks for reading and bear with me guys!

MUA's 12 Days of Christmas: "On the 6th day of Christmas my true love gave to me..."


We're half way through MUA's 12 Days of Christmas and today's look is a gold crackled nail effect inspired by golden eggshells. To see the look, find out how to re-create it and enter the competition to win the products included, check the blog post here

Good luck!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

MUA's 12 Days of Christmas: "On the 5th day of Christmas my true love gave to me..."


Today's 12 Days of Christmas MUA look is a nail design inspired by the gold rings. Mixing a midnight black shade with the festive glitzy gold, this is definitely one for the creatives. To see the look, find out how to re-create it and enter the competition to win the products included, check the blog post here

Good luck!

Chocolate Cornflake Cakes: The Three C's

Yes, another recipe. Having all of the ingredients at hand is too hard to resist. After baking two batches of sausage rolls, I thought I'd make something sweet but simple. Chocolate cornflake cakes sprang to mind as they take minutes and we already had cornflakes in so I thought: why not? 

You will need: 

  • Cornflakes
  • 300g (or more) of Milk Chocolate

Equipment you will need: 
  • Baking cases
  • Baking cake tray
  • A small saucepan
  • A wooden spoon
  • A glass bowl
  • A plate (optional)  

1. Fill your saucepan about half full with water and heat. You don't need it boiling hot, more of a simmer is required. 

2. While the water is warming up, get your chocolate and break the squares up. 

3. For me, I only had two chocolate bars equalling 200g which turned out to be not enough for a decent batch, so I'd recommend at least 300g of chocolate, but if you can - 400g would be best. 

Place the squares of chocolate into the glass bowl. 

4. The reason I put the plate as optional is because it depends on the size of your glass bowl and saucepan. I couldn't find a big enough glass bowl to balance on top of the saucepan with the hot water so I had to use a plate. 

5. Place the glass bowl on top of the plate (on top of the saucepan with the hot water) and leave for about 10 minutes to give the chocolate enough time to melt. 

6. While the chocolate is melting, lay the baking cake cases into the tray ready. 

7. After the ten minutes have passed, use the wooden spoon to melt any un-melted chocolate so you eventually get a smooth consistency. 

8. Now it's time to add the cornflakes - there's no real measurement as to how many cornflakes should be added as it depends on your personal preference. You want enough to soak up the chocolate but not too much that they don't get properly coated. I added some then stirred and repeated the process to avoid over adding! 

9. Once your happy with your chocolate to cornflake ratio, using the wooden spoon, scrape out portions of the chocolate cornflakes into the cases. Again, how much you put into each individual case depends on how much ingredients you have and your own personal judgement. Like I said with the mixing, I'd add too little to begin with to make sure you fill all of your cases - that way you can go back over them and add more mixture if required. 

10. And voila! there you have your chocolate cornflake cakes. To make sure they cool properly, put them in the fridge. 


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