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Friday, 2 December 2011

Dressed up or dressed down: The Eiffel Tower

Pardon the non-fashion post here, but I couldn't help not posting about this proposal that has come out in the news tonight. Basically, there's been a suggestion that the Eiffel Tower be covered in 600,000 plants, turning it from what it's traditionally known as the Iron Lady, to well, the biggest tree in the world. Only downside? It's not a tree. It's a landmark - and in my eyes that's exactly how it should stay! It's not as if the architecture is ugly to warrant being covered up and I can't honestly see how adding plants will make it aesthetically pleasing in the slightest! I doubt I'd be happy as a tourist if I'm emerged from the subway and there was a massive green thing hovering on the horizon. Below is a video documenting the news: 

What do you guys think of the idea? I've included the ASOS mittens to help you make your mind up! But for me, 'If it ain't broke - don't fix it!'

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  1. You look so cute in this pic!! As to the proposal, what a load of rubbish! I can't see it happening, the left hand mitten knows the deal.

    P.S Please check out our latest 'Christmas Party Look' post! :)

    T & J

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