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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Review: Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps

Black and White Nail Stipes Designer Nail Wrap - £6.65 - Buy here

When I received a packet of Nail Rock in my November Glossybox, I was at first dubious as to whether I'd get use out of them. I have this thing with nail polishes as I can never be bothered to spend ages painting them as my hands stupidly shake, plus I get annoyed when they smudge, chip and what not - so I tend to leave my nails au natural. But as these didn't involve a brush going anywhere near my fingers, I thought I'd give them a go. I'll admit, I should have spent more time sizing them up and applying them but at the time I had about five minutes to do it. 

The pack comes with instructions on how to apply which is useful (you can also view this online if you lose this handy bit of information), plus a gallery of other designs you can get. Onto the product - one thing I was confused about was the amount you got - there's not enough to do two lots of hands (if you understand what I mean - 20 fingers worth). I'm guessing they're there as spares which is a clever idea, I'm probably just being too greedy ha! 

When it came to applying them, it was relatively straight forward - you size them up against your own nail, see if they need trimming and if so, trim them and then place it on your finger and push out any creases. I wasn't a big fan of the cutting as I can't really cut in a straight line, so I would have preferred if the shape of the pre-mades were a little closer to the average nail shape, however I have to take into consideration that everyone has different nail sizes so they're just trying to include everyone in that. 

Unlike annoying nail polish, there's no waiting to dry or panic when I hit something hard with my hand. They're bold, chic and I have been won over with them. Price wise, I wasn't expecting them to retail over £5 but I think for a special occasion - they're a great buy. I definitely think I'll purchase them in the future, so thanks Nail Rock and Glossybox!

Have any of you guys tried Nail Rock or any similar products? 


  1. ohh love your nails, and it's so cool and cute that it matches your dress!

  2. they do look good, and a lot less hassle than polishes! i bought some metallic nail foils the other day which i can't wait to try x

  3. The striped nails and striped top look ace together! I didn't have time to do full hands of Nail Rock but I did one finger and it lasted for about two weeks - I was very pleasantly surprised. X

  4. I tried some Rebel nails nail wraps yesterday, they were easy to put on but i ended up having to stick the sides down using clear polish because they kept rolling up :/


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