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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Thursday Thought: "BAILED!!" ...No, I actually just fell over...

As a student Journalist, we're always having the news values -  topical being one of them - drilled into us, which is the inspiration for this week's Thursday Thought. Now, I'll admit, on a night out I like a drink or two and your reactions do sadly fly out of the window along with your dignity. So falling over is inevitable, and I can handle that as I can blame it on the drink. But what I can't handle (and what I experienced last night) is the treatment you get when falling over on a night out. I was by no means drunk, I knew exactly what I was doing and could walk in a perfect line yet unfortunately I fell over. 'So what?' I hear you say, and in some ways I agree as usually I just laugh it off but this time it was different. 

I fell pretty badly only a week ago after my friend's birthday meal - I again wasn't drunk, so to fall again so soon left me pretty fragile. Through working in retail, hospitality and having my mum run a bar in the past - I'm aware of health and safety and as far as I'm aware if someone falls and it's because the institution failed to follow up on their H&S, it's their fault. Now, I'm not after suing anyone - these things happen, but what really grated on me was this hypothetical question - if I'd fallen in the daytime where I wasn't surrounded by alcohol, would I have been helped more? I think yes. When I fell it was purely because of a wet floor which is surely  the institution's responsibility to mop up? Just because I was in a bar with drunk people around me doesn't instantly make me 'drunk' and less eligible for respect. 

A similar situation happened with my friend on a night out a few years ago. Unlike me, she had been drinking but I still don't think it justified her treatment. Unfortunately we'd got separated on a night out and through crossed wires,I'd been misinformed that she'd gone home so it wasn't until the next day that I found out what had happened. She'd lost/had stolen her phone, ID, keys, money and everything else on her that night. Obviously she couldn't ring anyone to get help nor get home so she asked a police officer for help and well to put it simply, they didn't. Yes, I can see it from the police officer's point of view - after all, they must come across drunks all the time so they must get annoyed of having to 'pick up the pieces' so to speak, but my friend was alone in the city in a emotional state. The least he/she could have done was let her borrow their phone so she could have rung me/her family but no, nothing! Thankfully, she did manage to get home eventually but both of these experiences have made me question where we draw the line about helping people. 

Just because you fall over on a night out doesn't mean you've 'had too much to drink', and just because you're drunk doesn't make you disorderly. 

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  1. Sorry about that. I agree with you. No one would've batted an eyelash if it were daytime. One time I was drink (wasn't drunk) and tripped and fell and this girl who was in our group (whom I'd just met that night) said to someone else, "oh she's too thin, can't handle her alcohol." I was SO mad! I'm 5'2" and 135 pounds, I'm not too thin or a drunk!

    Love that Wham! person, by the way.

    Mabel Time


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