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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Thursday Thought: "You read my blog?! How did you find it..."

While I'm nowhere near the stature or readership level of the more established bloggers, I have recently been taken aback by a few people who've admitted to reading my blog. While this isn't a revelation, after all, Blogger stats indicate that I do have some readers, I find it weird when people I know in particular tell me they read it. 

But why? I think it's partly down to the fact that I see my blog as my personal outlet and ultimately I'm worried how people will judge it and me. I don't and can't see me ever publicizing my blog on platforms such as Facebook I wouldn't want all of the people I'm friends with on there reading what I have to say. 

Whenever someone does come out with "Oh I read that on your blog" or "I saw your blog the other day" I get quite defensive (probably my Cancer crab star sign coming out!) and respond with "How did you find it?!" or "Why do you read my blog?!" To those people I bet I come across as unappreciative and well, a bit of a bitch, but I don't mean to! I think I'm just genuinely shocked that people take the time to come on here and read. Reader comments are one of my favourite things about blogging. Yes it's nice to see my stats rise or be followed by someone new but it doesn't beat the buzz of having someone comment on a post or tweet me a message. It's the interactivity and conversation which make me enjoy blogging so much which is why I don't blog anonymously. 

I was tempted at the beginning to 'do a Gossip Girl' and be nameless - just blog but now I've met fellow bloggers and spoke to them, I couldn't imagine doing so. 

Yes, people knowing who I am on here and reading my thoughts is a scary and intimidating thought but the social side of blogging for me, far outweighs that fear!

Does anyone else find it odd when people you know say they read your blog? Or is it just me? 


  1. no i find it odd too as my blog isnt 'pretty' like most . I often just really want to know what they think of me !

  2. Oh god I don't even know how I'd react, I barely let my boyfriend see it! haha xxx

  3. I'm the same. I've recently told my friend about it and she was really supportive & impressed (don't know why I expected anything negative) and my parents have found it and shared it (slightly embarrassing). But yeah, I find if I'm complimented online I react positively, but if my parents or friends are like 'oh I saw your blog, I really like it' my first reaction is 'why are you reading it and how did you find it' haha.
    It can seem quite vain & self indulgent to write a blog at times, so I guess this is why it's awkward to find out people you know are reading it xx

  4. I've not been blogging properly (i.e. regularly) for long but I am reluctant to tell people about my blog, the only people who have seen it are my best friend and my boyfriend. I don't know why really, I think I agree with Sara Louise as I am yet to learn about headers and HTML and stuff so feel that it's not as good as other bloggers! Also it's always scary to put yourself out there, which is basically what you're doing, especially with something as personal as style.


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