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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Weekly Round Up

001. Friday saw me hand in all of my work for semester one of my final year at university. While I'm relieved to have that out of the way, I still have tonnes of work to do for my dissertation, and after Friday's class - I'm now more stressed and terrified than ever!

002. H&M released their sale this week and it is fab to say the least. As well as buying a few last minute Christmas presents, I've also treated myself to a few bits!

003. I moved home for Christmas on Friday and it's nice to not have to worry about how much the heating's on. It's also lovely to be with my family and have all of my home comforts. 

004. Today is one week until my internship in London which I'm excited yet very nervous about. I really want to do a good job so fingers crossed I follow through with this!

005. I was really quite gutted with the result of the X Factor result last night. If we're basing this show on talent - Amelia should have won but after her leaving than I'm not sure who should win anymore! Part of me isn't too worried as it's usually the runners up that go on to have more success so I'm hoping this is true! 

006. Today I've been a home bird/domestic goddess. After the obligatory Sunday lie-in, I read the newspaper, washed up, baked some sausage rolls (which are for tea!), washed up again, hoovered, set the table and am going to help my mum decorate the tree :) I may post the recipe I used as although it's not really ~christmassy~, anything pastry is nice to have on these cold dark nights!

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