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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Weekly Round Up

1. This week it's been very festive at home. The tree and decorations were put up, we went to the primary school's Christmas concert/nativity and it snowed. 

2. It's also been quite a dull week as I've been reading for my dissertation which has been hard to stay focused on whilst at home. 

3. You may have noticed that I've brought a domain name. Whilst my blog can still be accessed as, my *NEW* URL is: As I have quite a long name as it is, I wanted to shorten it to make it less of a mouthful when I'm explaining to someone what it is. Plus, I wanted to take the name before someone else did! 

4. I've also ordered some business cards for my blog as Vistaprint had an offer of 250 for £2.50 (or £2, I can't remember!) which I thought was too good an opportunity to miss! Unfortunately the total wasn't £2.50 as like Elodie had warned me, they add on costs for pretty much everything afterwards. I was pretty annoyed that I was charged for using my own design as they had to do no work at all with regards to the look of the card so I felt a bit cheated by that! Plus delivery was pricey and is going to take quite a few weeks as I refused to pay the high rate to get them delivered any quicker! In the end I got them for under £10 which I suppose still isn't bad for the amount I've ordered, but it's slightly mis-advertising when you think you're going to get a super bargain!

5. Last night I went to meet my girls from home, two of which I haven't seen for seven months when they left England for a summer in America. I didn't realise how much I'd missed them until I saw them. It was a laugh and reminded me how good friends we all are which is something I never want to lose. 

6. Any minute now, I'm setting off for my internship in London. I don't know if I'm allowed to disclose who it's with so I won't for now but I'm a mixture of nerves and excitement. I'm not very well this morning which I'm unsure whether I'm actually ill or just really nervous! Hopefully it'll pass soon! I'm down in London from today until Friday night. My sister's got Friday off work so is coming to  stay with me on the Thursday night and get the train home for Christmas with me on Friday after work. 

My dad's driving me to Manchester to catch the train as he wasn't able to reserve me a seat on the system so he's making sure I get first dibs! What a star!

So expect less blogging over the next six days. I won't have internet access at my hotel and using blogger on my phone doesn't seem to work well so the only posts I'll be able to manage is quick ones on my lunch break. I'll hopefully be doing a day by day outfit post like Elodie did on her blog. So thanks for reading and bear with me guys!


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