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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Weekly Round Up

001. This week I've been interning in London which has been a lot of fun but I didn't get to see much of the city. I'm constantly going down there though so it's not as if I haven't seen it all before but it's nice to get into the culture. Luckily we only had a half day at work on Friday and my sister had got the day off work so stayed with me Thursday night and we did some shopping, sight seeing and eating before heading home together. 

The worse part of getting the Manchester Virgin Train is the awkward tension between passengers at Euston station while you wait for the platform to be announced. Literally people eye each other up like competitors at sports day. I've been there when they've only announced the platform 5 minutes before it's due to leave but I guess it's all part of the fun... My sister and I agreed that if people did the usual stampede, she would take my suitcase and I would outrun everyone to get the seat I wanted. Yes, I actually have a specific seat (train nerd or what?!). Through analysing the train departure board and nosey-ing which trains were at each platform, we guessed correctly the platform of our train and I can proudly boast, I outran everyone to making it first on the train. 

002. The Furness lot are all back home for Christmas so yesterday we took a country stroll around a reservoir just outside of Buxton. It was nice to get some fresh country air and get excited talking about our New Year's plans. We then went to the local carol service at church before heading to one of our favourite pubs for some food. 

003. Today I've already talked about in my Christmas What I Wore post, but I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas. It really is about spending time with your family and friends rather than the actual gifts. Money most definitely can't buy you happiness, but love can. 

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