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Monday, 30 January 2012

What I Bought: I've Got the Key, I've Got the Secret

Key Double Finger Ring - Primark

'You wait for a bus and two come along at once' is my motto behind my second double finger ring purchase. I love the detailing on this particular ring, even down to the scratched look to give it a 'oldy-worldy' sort of feel. 

I'm still after a silver cross double/triple ring and a moustache ring, both of which I featured in last week's Wednesday Want/Wishlist. Once I have all of those, my collection will be complete...well, until I see another one I fall in love with!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Weekly Round Up

1. It's been my first week back at university this week so I thought this photo would be appropriate for a 'back to school' theme. I've been having a breakdown with the work load and pulled an all nighter this week which wrecked my sleeping pattern and left me feeling very 'meh'. I'm feeling more in control at the moment as I had a meeting with my dissertation tutor on Friday. I think I just need to take a deep breath and approach it realistically. 

2. The girls in my house are on a fitness regime, going running everyday, whilst I do try and join in with that, my classes usually clash with their session so I'm going to try my old exercise regime I used to do during my college years. 

3. This weekend I've been photographing all of my products I haven't used yet to review. I should really get around to doing this more as I rely on reviews before purchasing products, so I should give something back! So expect a few reviews over the next couple of weeks!

4. Tomorrow I'm off to London for a flying visit - a quick Oxford Circus shopping trip, following by Nando's with my blogging girls and finally the main event of the night - the #ZOMGbloggersbash for Zozo's lipstick launch collaboration with Rockalily Lipstick. Check out my post here if you haven't read it already and have no idea what I'm talking about! Being an avid lipstick fan and a reader of Zoe's blog, I'm excited for what the night will bring. I just wish the train journey as a little shorter, but it all fairness I'm very lucky that I live on a 'fast' line as to drive, it would take between 4-5 hours - so I can't complain!

Friday, 27 January 2012

What I Wore: Taupe and Black go hand in hand

Coat - Dorothy Perkins

I blogged about this coat at the time I ordered it online as it was an absolute steal! It was originally priced at £75 but thanks to DP's sale and 25% student discount, I got it for under £20! I was a little unsure of the Taupe colouring having a pale complexion but it seems a little warmer in person compared to what it looks like online. 

It's a lovely snug coat which I think makes any outfit look instantly chic so I can see myself wearing this coat all the time!

As you can probably tell from these photos, I ended up getting drenched thanks to the lovely rain, but hey - no pain no gain! 

Thursday, 26 January 2012

What I Wore: Layering Leather (look)

Blazer - F&F, Blouse - Primark, 'I Heart New York' Jumper - Primark, Leather Look Trousers - H&M

Not actual leather, just an imitation unfortunately, although with these unpredictable weather changes indoor and out, I'm kind of glad they're not real. 

I've had a blah day today. I pulled an all-nighter and stayed up until 8am and stupidly got up at 11am so I felt the impact - shakes, tired etc. so hopefully going to catch up on my lack of sleep. I'm trying to adjust to my ridiculous workload while still keeping my blog up and running! Here's hoping I manage to keep both going well :) 

What I Bought: Every Leaf is an Autumn Flower

Leaf Double Finger Ring - Primark

Yes, I'm a season behind in purchasing this Autumn inspired ring but I couldn't help but get it. I've been after double finger rings for a while now and I liked the 'antique' look of this particular one. Plus, with Spring starting at the end of March/beginning of April, it's my nod to Winter to hurry itself up and be over. I'm definitely more of a Spring/Summer fan when it's light till 8/9pm so you actually feel like you have more hours in the day (even though you don't!). 

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

What I Wore: Denim Was Acceptable in the 80s

Denim Shirt - New Look, Tiered Skirt - Primark

I've never really warmed to this shirt as it's not as 'feminine' as the usual stuff I wear, which is why I tried to 'girly' it up with this tiered black skirt. I also added a big ballerina bun to further the femininity and of course, my trademark red lipstick. 

I had my second set of classes today which will be worse next week when I have a 9am class, eurgh! Getting up at 9am for a job is fine because I usually enjoy where I work and I'm getting paid to go, but a 9am rise at university is uncalled for! I'm going to be spending the rest of my night reading and writing for my dissertation. Fun times! 

Wednesday Want: Australia (like, now!)

I'm sure those of you who've read my blog have seen my moaning about the workload I have this semester. It's literally destroying my soul and all I can think is 'get me to Australia NOW!'. We're going towards the end of July and I'm currently waiting on my friend Megan to build a time machine so I can fast forward these next few months. 

While I don't mind doing work, I have so much on that it's going to be an uphill climb to even pass. 

So, back to Australia! I've never been, but we have family over there which I haven't seen for at least 10 years and some I've never met, so it's going to be a nice reunion! We're going to Sydney and then to Melbourne for a few days. I really want to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb but it's very expensive so I'm on the lookout for any 'must-do' tourist attractions whilst I'm in Oz. If anyone has any suggestions, then please comment below! Anything to take my mind of this horrible, horrible work! 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

What I Wore: Back to School

Jumper - H&M, Blouse - Marks and Spencer, Pleated Skirt - Marks and Spencer

It's my first class of my last semester ever at university today, so I thought I'd dress a little cliché in this 'school look'. I'm in a meltdown at the minute as to how much work lies ahead of me and I honestly don't know how I'm going to cope with it all. It makes it even harder living away from home as my parents usually make me feel better and encourage me but hopefully I'll get through it all. I just want to fast forward these next few months and for it to be time for me to get on the plane to Australia. If someone could sort that for me then I would be eternally grateful! 

I've been testing the lighting in my house - taking photos outside and inside and against several different walls to get the contrast and brightness I want. It's a lot of trial and error and thanks to today's wet weather, not a fun task either! But I hope these photos will do :) 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Weekly Round Up

1. Not a 'new'  photo for this week but still resembles what I've been up to this week. I'm now back at my university house for my last ever semester before I (hopefully) graduate. Nerve racking stuff! 

2. After a month of being at my parent's, it's going to be a little weird being back in this bigger house as at home we all usually 'live' in either the kitchen or living room, whereas here we all spend a lot of time in our rooms. Plus, I'm quite a family person so will obviously miss my family quite a lot. I'm heading home on the 8th for the Spring Fashion Show and will be back for a few days in a month's time so hopefully I won't get too homesick!

3. I'm in a panic about how much work I've got to do this term, especially with my dissertation but I'm planning to hammer it out this week and hopefully feel more in control of everything as we all know when we head home, work tends to be the last thing on our minds! 

4. Over this next month, there's a few events I'm going to be attending which I'm looking forward to - the ZOMGbloggersbash, Manchester Spring Fashion Show, TOWIB Spring Social and the London lunch in March. Hopefully these will take the mind of my stress, fingers crossed!

Friday, 20 January 2012

TOWIB Spring Social - Bigger and better than ever!

The Only Way is Blogging (or TOWIB as the event has come to be known) is about to happen all over again. That's right, the 12th February 2012 will see the third event, the Spring Social descend on London. For those of you who don't have an utter clue what I'm referring to, I'll give you some background info!

The Only Way is Blogging, set up by Hayley of the London Beauty Queen was started in an outreach to bloggers and to build on the blogging community through networking and sharing advice and tips. Click here to read my post on last year's event. 

This year's event is the biggest yet with the super fabulous Company magazine covering the event, plus panels to help bloggers deal with PRs and how to monetise your blog. There will also be hair and make-up in the form of Annabelle's wigs so bloggers can change up their look on the day! 

Because of the scale of the event and the hard work put in by Hayley, this Spring's event is ticketed at £5 which you can purchase here

I think I speak on behalf of a lot of bloggers when I say I'm très excited for the event, especially since TOWIB was my first ever blogging event to attend so it will always hold a special place in my heart! I made some great (and hopefully life-long) friends from the last event so I hope to meet some bloggers at this year's offering. See you then!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

What I Wore: Are Stripes Slimming?

Blazer - F&F, Breton Style Top - Marks and Spencer, Pleated Skirt - Marks and Spencer

It's a debate on-going in the fashion world - are stripes slimming or not? It used to be the rule that vertical stripes do indeed slim the body as your eye is drawn downwards rather than scanning the body width ways. However articles have since tried to claim that in actual fact, horizontal stripes will do you more justice. Confused? So am I... 

Stripes to me, always remind me of France, in particular Paris and the red lipstick helps me even further to get in that persona. I teamed the Breton style top with a simple black blazer (where would I be without it?!) and a pleated skirt which is actually from the school range in Marks and Spencer as it fitted fine and was cheaper than the alternatives I found in other stores! 

I had a slight drama taking these photos as not only is the lighting still playing up on my camera setting, the wind refused to play ball and I have about a dozen photos of purely hair in my face - awesome...

I'm going to get my eyebrows threaded tonight which I'll probably cry at as I've heard that nearly everyone who has it done does. But, ah well, hopefully the results will be worth it! 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Now, before you think I've gone crazy and adopted the slang of a 12-year old text maniac, fear not! ZOMG for you lovely people who aren't already aware is the brand new limited edition lipstick released in a collaboration with Rockalily and Zozo from The London Lipgloss

Anyone who knows me knows I like my lipstick. I'm rarely seen without it and I feel it can instantly change your look, so I was excited to say the least when I found out about the collaboration. 

ReeRee Rockette from Rockalily joined forces with Zozo after deciding she wanted to create a shade that celebrated "her love of social media" having "actively using the internet to meet new people for 15 years." 

Named after Zozo (hence the Z before the 'OMG'), the shade is described as "the perfect fuchsia pink" which she states is a colour which will suit all skin tones - perfect! "It'll make your teeth look whiter, will last all night long and is so pigmented you'll hardly believe your eyes" she adds. 

The team admitted they were after a lipstick that was "fun, brave and awesome" which "would represent both of their go-getting natures and love of make-up!"

A bloggers bash (#ZOMGbloggersbash) is being held in London on January 30th 2012 to celebrate the launch of the lipstick, this fabulous collaboration between Zozo and Rockalily and all things social media. Hopefully I'll be seeing a lot of my readers and bloggers I follow on the night, but don't worry if you're not attending but still want the lipstick - you'll be able to purchase it after the 30th at for £14 (plus P+P). 

Wednesday Want: Quirky Jewellery

Cross Ring (Double Finger) - £10.00, Moustache Ring (Double Finger) - £12.00. 

I'm very picky when it comes to jewellery. I'm a minimalist and I like classic pieces - like pearls and my Pandora (and even on that, I like to keep the charms low key). I'll rarely wear necklaces and earrings only make an appearance as a last resort in finishing an outfit. And don't get me started on bangles - they drive me up the wall with their constant jangling and clanging whilst you're trying to go about your daily business. I had an art teacher at school and that's one of my main memories I have of her because that was all I used to hear during class. 

So when I purchase jewellery nowadays, it has to have caught my eye and these two rings above have. I'm still not 100% sold on rings but out of all of the jewellery categories, rings I can allow more than the others as they don't stand out too much and won't annoy me as much as say, a dangling necklace would if it got caught in my hair. Both of these rings are Temporary Secretary Jewellery and aren't they adorable? My first quirky piece came in the form of this Scrabble Ring so I'm keen on expanding my quirky jewellery collection. These cross rings seem to be everywhere and yes, I'm going to join on that bandwagon! And the moustache, well, I think it just speaks for itself! 

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