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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Let's get down to Business

I got back from London to find my business cards had been delivered and for the price I paid, I'm quite pleased with them! I was going to go for Moo as I've seen and read great things about their service, but Vistaprint had an 'offer' for a bulk buy for £2.50 which lets face it - is dirt cheap. However... Like Elodie had warned me, £2.50 tends to be the starting price and you get charges added on for each extra feature. To use your own design you have to pay (which I found a little weird since I'd done all of the work yet I was paying for it!), to get it double sided printed - it's extra etc etc, so the moral of that story is keep an eye on the add ons! Delivery also wasn't cheap and it took 2-3 weeks for them to arrive as I refused to pay express which was bordering on £10. All together, I paid  around £10 for 250 cards plus delivery which I don't think is too bad. 

Considering the small size of my blog, I doubt I'll go through these cards that quickly but I thought while the offer was on, I'd make the most of it. 

What do you guys think of blog business cards? Do you have them? 

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  1. Love those business cards! As I said on Twitter I do have them, but found it so hard to get the design *right*. These are so spot on for your blog. X


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