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Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year, New Possibilities

My motto for the coming year - what do you guys think? (This was at Heather and Rob's apartment so I'm unsure as to where they got it from!). 

So, it's official. 2011's done and dusted with and 2012 has arrived. The general consensus amongst my friends is that it hasn't been the best of years. For me, it's been a bit of both, I'm hoping this New Year will make way for great things for all of the people I know and love. 

Last night was a blast. Luckily I'd learnt my lesson from last year and monitored what and how much I was drinking which ensured I didn't have a hangover this morning, more tired than anything. After all of the guests had arrived we had nibbles, a barbecue and played a few drinking games before heading out. We nipped literally across the road from the flat to Bridewells, an ex prison which is amazing now as a converted bar as you get to sit in the cells which is different from your average pub! We betted my sister couldn't fit through the cell door slot and she astounded us all by proving us wrong. I did video this occasion but I don't have time to put it on Youtube yet! We then went for one more drink at Monroe's which was packed and upon our arrival we received rounds of applause from the staff and customers (I'm guessing for our costumes) which was a little weird but funny at the same time! 

Our outfits did cause a bit of a stir around Liverpool with cars pulling over or slowing down to look and people in the street pointing. I'll show you some of the photos now so you can see what you think of our costumes (I'd say 60% were made purely by hand which always makes the process of fancy dress much more rewarding!). 

Our 'zoo' included Danny as Ringmaster (oh, we needed one!), Heather as a ladybird, Sam as a tiger, myself as a peacock, Alex as a giraffe, Clare as a pig, Tim as another pig, Cat as an elephant, Miles as a mouse, Alice as a lion, Pippa as a frog and Rob as a penguin (I think I've got us all!). 

Here's some snaps we took of the night too: 

We rounded off the night with more drinking games and music before heading upstairs for the midnight champagne on the balcony to watch the fireworks across the river Mersey. 

What did you guys do for New Year's? 

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  1. Great pics :) Looks like a lot of fun :) Happy new year :D


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