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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Thursday Thought: Service with a Smile

I was always brought up with the mantra 'Manners cost you nothing', yet it seems a lot of retail workers could benefit from a crash course in just that. Now, I've worked in retail so I'm aware of both sides of the coin so to speak. Long hours, rude customers and being on your feet all day soon can turn any happy Larry into a sad Sally. But in a society where customer service is key, putting on a brave face may be just what the doctor ordered. 

For me, the service I receive can impact dramatically on my likelihood of returning. No eye contact, rude manners and slow service (without good reason) all put me off shopping and can even alter my opinion of a brand. And with social networks becoming a go-to tool for retail raves and rants, the power of the customer is greater than ever. 

Twitter is not only amass with brands but with members, all of which have an opinion to share to potentially millions of people. Word of mouth travels quicker than a Concorde flight which is great for good publicity but bad for the, well, bad. 

We review hotels and books so why not review service? I personally review both good and bad services, not to gain anything but give the company constructive criticism.

I'm not going to name and shame anyone on here as that isn't classy but I did receive some fabulous customer service off of the MAC staff at Selfridges in Manchester on Monday and it wasn't just a one off, I've never not had flawless service from them. They're super friendly, helpful, speedy and professional. So much so that I'm blogging about it now because do you know what? Good work deserves to be praised. 

How important do you think good customer service is? Does it affect how and where you shop? 

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  1. I know exactly what you mean, I work in retail as a visual merchandiser so technically customer service isn't really part of my job but whenever a customer asks me something on the shop floor, I'll always try my best to help them as much as I can, politely. Which is why it annoys me when the staff who are actually employed, as their main job, to give customer service are so bad at it. It can be REALLY frustrating at times to work in retail, especially when you're short staffed, super busy and you see customers throwing things all over the floor but most of the time you have just got to grin and bear it unfortunately.
    Btw, love your blog :)



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