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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Wednesday Want: Furry Nice!

1. Make-Up Bag - H&M - £1.99, 2. Boots - H&M - £12.99 3. Fake fur Collar - H&M - £6.49 4.  Fake fur Hat - H&M - £3.49

*All fake fur here! 

This week's 'Wednesday Want' is not only the first in a month  (oops!) but also more of a wishlist than a want due to the multiple items. I used to in fact blog a wishlist each week but I lost time and motivation to find more than one thing I wanted so this is a rare occasion! I don't know what it is about faux fur but for me, it makes things look classier and cosier. And somehow, it makes Winter, for me, that little less depressing! 

I spotted all of these beauties in the H&M sale. I've raved about their sales before (P.S. I'm not being paid to write this, I just am a big H&M shopper!) but they are incredible. All of this can be brought for £25. When you consider that before sale reductions it would have totalled £50, it's worth looking at! 

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  1. Oh nice! I really want the hat! I already have the shoes in brown, but I wouldn't say no to these sleek black ones...



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