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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Weekly Round Up

1. This week I've been in London doing the second and final week of my internship. Like I explained in my Intern Fashion Diaries post, I've had a fantastic time and it's definitely been a worthwhile experience. 

Hopefully if I eventually can afford to move down there, some of my friends will have moved/will be moving down there too (I'm talking to you Furness gang!).

2. My business cards for my blog arrived which I'll post about tomorrow. Although my blog is no-where near the stature of the best blogs out there, I thought I'd order some anyway as they were on offer. 

3. This week is going to be work overload regarding my dissertation as as with being in London, I couldn't really do much there! I'm feeling quite depressed about university at the mo. I can't wait to finish and get a job. Yes there's the social side but I just want a routine, to no longer write essay after essay and to do something with my life. Bring on summer I say!

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