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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Weekly Round Up

(I haven't taken any photos this week so unfortunately you guys are stuck with my face!)

1. This week has been a quiet one and next week is going to be too. I'm dedicating the majority of my time to my dissertation which I'm struggling with at the moment as being away from university, I feel a little off track! 

2. There's been so many internships and opportunities opening up at this time of year, especially with London Fashion Week fast approaching which makes me very envious of people who can accept them. With being in my final year, there's no way I can take any time off unfortunately - hopefully there'll be more opportunities when I graduate!

3. Socially, these next four weeks are going to be a busy time for my blog. I'm hoping to attend the ZOMG Bloggers Bash, which I'm sure most of you will have heard of thanks to the overwhelming excitement towards the event on Twitter (if you haven't, here's the hashtag: #ZOMGbloggersbash) - I'll be posting about this in the coming week. I'm also hoping to attend the Spring Social TOWIB (The Only Way is Blogging) event in February (again, I'll be blogging about this asap!), as well as The Spring Fashion Show (a post will be up tomorrow) and the bloggers London Lunch in March. I say 'hoping' as as I am in my final year, my workload is huge and I obviously have to prioritise my degree. But for now, these are set in stone!

4. Thanks to the wonderful Twitter, I came across an event next Friday in London for the screening of Michael Fassbender's new film Shame. 'So what?' I hear you cry...Well for one, I have been a massive fan of Fassbender's since he played fallen angel Azazeal in Sky One's Hex over five years ago and I will literally watch anything he's in because I think he's a fantastic actor. But two, HE'S GOING TO BE THERE DOING A Q&A. Tickets were under £15 and there was a front row seat but stupidly I didn't book and when I checked back later, it had sold out. In some ways it's probably a blessing in disguise as it would have finished at a time when I wouldn't be able to get a train back home and I would have just been sat there in awe of him and wouldn't be able to remember my name, let alone come up with a question. Michael's career is taking off massively and I can't imagine someone who is more deserved of it. 

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