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Thursday, 19 January 2012

What I Wore: Are Stripes Slimming?

Blazer - F&F, Breton Style Top - Marks and Spencer, Pleated Skirt - Marks and Spencer

It's a debate on-going in the fashion world - are stripes slimming or not? It used to be the rule that vertical stripes do indeed slim the body as your eye is drawn downwards rather than scanning the body width ways. However articles have since tried to claim that in actual fact, horizontal stripes will do you more justice. Confused? So am I... 

Stripes to me, always remind me of France, in particular Paris and the red lipstick helps me even further to get in that persona. I teamed the Breton style top with a simple black blazer (where would I be without it?!) and a pleated skirt which is actually from the school range in Marks and Spencer as it fitted fine and was cheaper than the alternatives I found in other stores! 

I had a slight drama taking these photos as not only is the lighting still playing up on my camera setting, the wind refused to play ball and I have about a dozen photos of purely hair in my face - awesome...

I'm going to get my eyebrows threaded tonight which I'll probably cry at as I've heard that nearly everyone who has it done does. But, ah well, hopefully the results will be worth it! 


  1. You look cute :) I cried like a baby when I got my eyebrows threaded-but I have the lowest pain threshold ever! Just don't wear any eyemakeup lol x

  2. You look lovely! It's true that I have had a Petit Bateau Marinière ever since I was a little kid, but I us French people, don't always wear stripes and red lips. ; )

    Also, I don't know a single person who cried when getting their brows threader, apart from Lauren, so you should be fine!



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