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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Review: VIVO Lipstick in Red Red

Vivo Lipstick in Red Red - Tesco (£1.99)*

VIVO is a relatively new brand and one that I only heard about through attending TOWIB last year. For those of you who don't know, VIVO cosmetics coins the mantra to be "alive with colour." The brand is sold and can be brought exclusively from Tesco stores and will hopefully be launching a website soon, but for now you can check out their blog here.

The brand sees itself as "the MAC of supermarket make-up brands" and aims to bring "catwalk inspired looks to the convenience of the supermarket but without the hefty price tag."

Enough of the background context, now on to the product itself. Before I write any more, I just want to point out that I'm an avid 'red lipstick wearer' and I'm very happy and brand loyal to the brand I currently use so it was hard not to compare the two! 

The packaging is simple and straight to the point, it's glossy but not as glamorous as other brands, but for me, this isn't a problem as I'm not going to be staring at the product, I'm going to be using it. 

Taking the lid off, I was happy to see a rich red shade which is definitely up my street. However upon application the shade wasn't as bold as I was hoping for. With my current lipstick, I can get a rich colour with only one application, but with this one, it took several lip swipes to get a colour close to what I'm comfortable with. I also noticed it had a slight fragrance to the lipstick and it gave off a noticeable sheen. Both of these are great things, don't get me wrong, however I personally prefer a matte finish as shinier lipsticks remind me of lipglosses and they are one of my biggest pet peeves! I wouldn't have minded the fragrance had the colour been a little bolder but sadly it wasn't. 

I think this lipstick is more for the first time red lipstick user. It's not too 'out there' yet it's still a lovely shade. Will I use it in the future? If it was between this and my current red lipstick? I don't think so. For £1.99 it's a cheap and cheerful alternative to more expensive lipstick brands but considering I pay an extra £1 for my current brand, I'm staying brand loyal for now! 


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