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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thursday Thought: Kitten Heels - Go high or go home?

For all you fashionistas out there, I can imagine your dismay at the thought of a kitten heel. Never before has footwear caused such a dividing opinion, well, unless you count crocs, which in my opinion are disgusting. 

But before I go on, I guess it's best to clarify to those of you who think I've gone mad, what exactly a kitten heel is. A male friend of mine took the meaning literally and thought I was walking around wearing a heel made out of a kitten. Don't ask... A kitten heel is basically a flat shoe with the tiniest (most pathetic) height of a heel. It's kind of like a slimming low fat chocolate bar - it's trying to be something it's not. 

There's such a dislike to kitten heels across the globe that a Facebook group entitled 'Throwing copies of Vogue at people wearing kitten heels' was set up. With nearly 30,000 likes, that's a lot of hatred focused on fashion. Member comments include: "Go high or go home!", "Shoes are for fashion, not for function" and "Go low and go solo."

Have I ever worn a kitten heel? Yes, in fact I (shamefully) own a pair. "So why are you writing this ranting post then?!" I hear you cry. Well, I'm a believer that until you've tried something, you don't know what it's like. And how could I possibly write a rant without having road-tested the subject in question?! 

In all honesty, it's not the size of the heel that (entirely) winds me up. If you're tall, fair enough - a smaller heel is appropriate so you don't feel inches above everyone else. And before I'd personally tried the shoe, I would have recommended them in the workplace where your stilettos just won't do.  

But my revelation? They hurt just as much as regular heels. Shaving half the heel does not shave half the pain. They're not as pretty as regular heels, not as high and whilst I may be able to run for my train quicker in them, I, quite like 30,000 Facebook users, would rather "go high" than "go low and go solo."


  1. Kitten heels offend me so much. Put simply, I think they're really ugly. Flats or a mid-heel are much more flattering than the weird, in-between kitten heel. I put my hands up; I have owned a pair but I was 16 years old and didn't know any better. x

  2. I just really dont like the way kitten heels look, never even seen a nice looking pair! i assumed theyd at least be a bit comfier though! :/

  3. The only kitten heels that I think are acceptable are the ones that Audrey Hepburn wore with her wedding dress. (She didn't end up getting married but you'll find pictures of her dress and shoes on google images)
    I strongly believe that she is the only woman who can pull them off!
    I personally hate them, my heels need to have a good platform and a huge heel!


  4. I love kitten heels because I myself cannot walk in high heels, especially thin high heels.
    I think most girls that like these are ones that can't walk in high heels, but don't want to wear almost flat shoes with a block heel, so these are good ones to go for.


  5. hahah I love the 'go high or go home' motto. xx


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