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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wednesday Want: A Pink Jacket

1. Blazer - £24.99 (sale) H&M, 2. Pink 3/4 Sleeve Blazer - £40.00 River Island, 3. Blazer - £24.99 H&M, 4. Blazer - £29.99 H&M, 5. Slim Line Soft Jacket - £70.00 Oasis

This is a case of me eating my words. I've always been a pink 'hater' - well, I guess 'hate' is a strong word, I more steer clear from pink. I find it makes me look even younger than I already do and I just don't find it appealing at all. Whereas my sister will literally showcase a head to toe pink look. 

But, something that Spring/Summer has got me craving is a pink jacket/blazer. I don't suit pale colours so as Mark Heyes advised this morning on Lorraine, it's all about bold colours. I'm thinking a hot or warmer shade if I do ever take the plunge and pay for some pink! Above are a few on the high street at the moment that I'm using as inspiration! 

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  1. I usually steer clear of pink too, but I got a beautiful one from missguided which I wore at London Fashion Week, such great quality and value for money:


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