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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wednesday Want (Well, wishlist!)

This feature is fast becoming a 'Wednesday Wishlist' water than a singular 'want' but I didn't want to change the title of it as some weeks I don't really want anything compared to this week where a few ideas spring to mind. Bearing in mind though, most of the items I feature on my Wednesday Want are just that 'wants' meaning that I probably won't/can't afford to get them all, but it's nice to still wish about them eh?!

1. Silver Cross Necklace - This one's from Topshop which can be found here. It's not completely what I want as this one's gold and has a cord instead of a chain. But, I couldn't find any similar ones to what I want to show you - hopefully I'll find one soon! 

2. A Tripod - Outfit photos are the biggest blogging problem I have. My room at university struggles with light and our back yard doesn't have anywhere for me to balance my camera - plus I don't like people taking my photo, so, my only option is to buy a tripod. As I'm not a pro-photographer, I don't want to spend over £15 as I won't be using it other than for my blog. This one is from Argos and retails at £13.95.

3. Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platform Ankle Boot - The bigger the heel, the better in my view and these Jeffrey Campbell Lita's are certainly that. They're slightly tough but chic at the same time. The one major thing putting me off? The price. £120 for a student is expensive for shoes - yes I could 10% off, but that's still over £100 so even if I ever get them, it'll be a while before I'm parting with this much cash! They can be brought at Office here

4. AA Disco Pants - I think everyone and their mum has invested in a pair of American Apparel pants which is part of the reason I'm unsure as to whether to get them myself. Also, £70 for basically a pair of leggings seems a little steep to me, especially as I'm not exactly a 'pants person'. I wish there was an AA shop where I live here so I could see whether they really live up to the hype. But, they are on my wishlist for now - we'll see...

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  1. ohh i love all of these items, your blog is just so lovely, i will be visiting it again very soon :)


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