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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Weekly Round Up

1. Monday saw me head down to London for the #ZOMGBloggersBash which I posted about here. It was a fantastic event hosted by Zozo and Rockalily and I'm very grateful for my invitation. It also gave me an excuse to spend the night with my favourite 'Londoners' which can never be a bad thing!

2. I've been spending the rest of week being a bore trying to do work as I'm heading home next Wednesday for a night for Manchester's Spring Fashion Show and I'm down in London again on Saturday for the much anticipated return of TOWIB! It holds a special place in my heart as it was my first ever blogging event, plus I met Elodie, Lucy, Sade, Cigdem and Jessica there. Annoying thing is there's only one train back to Preston at the early time of 7:30pm, yet there's about seven that I could get back to my parents, so I may end up back with them on Saturday night hmmm! All of this means I need to get as much work out of the way as possible to reward myself with these fun times!

I'll also finally get to pick up my Glossybox when I go home as as it got delivered home and I live here, I've not had chance to look at it. I think I'll post my opinions regarding it anyway even though I'm years too late, as I think it's good to have dozens of thoughts on something. 

3. It's my housemate and good friend's 21st today so Happy Birthday Cadie! She's having a night out on Wednesday which I unfortunately can't make as I'm already attending the fashion show in Manchester. I hate that recently I'll have missed/am going to miss five of my friend's birthdays, three of which are the big 21. But I guess that's life! 

4. I'm ill at the moment which doesn't bode well for next week's fun but I'm hoping it'll clear up. My mum told me to come home to get better and stay warm this weekend but I can't go home just because of the cold! Although I was very tempted to as some of my friends are there, plus it's snowing and I'm getting very jealous seeing everyone's statuses and snowmen photos when I'm here and it's, well, just raining... 

5. I brought some more bargains this week (will it ever end?) which I may blog to you next week if I get the time. Although I'm trying to have a massive crackdown on my spending as I've definitely lost the plot regarding just that. There's still stuff with labels on so I'm going to assess whether to keep them or save money and take them back. With my holiday to Australia only five months away, I need to start being serious with my money.

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