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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Weekly Round Up

(Photo inspiration for this week when temperatures are meant to become more 'Spring-like'

1. I came home to my parents early this week - Wednesday night instead of Thursday night as my (annoying) lecturer cancelled my Thursday class last minute. Travelling on a night train is never as comforting as a day train but I practically live on trains so it's fine. Annoyingly my particular train was 15 minutes late and the delay only got worse once on the train making me miss my connection at Manchester. Normally I'd ring my parents/sister and they'd come and get me from another station but as I wanted to surprise them, I waited it out for my next train home. They were definitely surprised when I rolled in just before 10pm! 

2. It's been nice to be back home in the country and have fields and not many people around. I've spent some of my time baking between family things and seeing friends. It's weird to think that the next time I come back, one of my friends will have started his new job and be living in London! Hopefully it will all go well for him! 

3. Admittedly I'm super jealous of everyone at London Fashion Week at the moment. I'd love to be there, but I didn't apply for tickets because lets face it, I'm hardly 'somebody' in the blogging world. I've a long way to go before I can think of being allowed to go to these sorts of events. But eventually, if I do, it'll be worth it!

4. I bought a new shampoo yesterday (big deal I hear you say!) but I'm always on the look-out for products that actually work as my hair seems to not want to 'play ball' at the moment. This one is a shampoo I've used before and liked so I'm hoping it keeps working! I'll post a review mid-week for you guys! 

5. My mum's suggested I sell my books on Ebay. I have dozens of Jacqueline Wilson books and other teenage books that I read growing up and it's about time I did something with them rather than have them in boxes in my room. Even if they only go for £3, that's £30 extra at least. When I finish university, I'm planning on selling some of my clothes and university books (as they were expensive to buy). I know quite a few bloggers have blog sales on their blogs r.e. clothes but I'm quite clueless as to how all of that works - so if you know, let me know! 

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