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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Weekly Round Up

1. Back to Preston this week. I say it every time I go home, but I'm sick of the journey now, which is one of the main reasons I don't go home every week. I suppose it's my own fault for not learning to drive but I don't really need to yet so it's swings and roundabouts! 

2. It's been a stressful week and university hasn't helped with having assessed classes and meetings. The assessed class is particularly intense as the lecturer has our photos at her desk and marks us based on our debate and I'm not a confident speaker so I really have to 'put myself out there' to get myself heard. My meetings luckily went really well so I ended the week on a slightly better mood than before. 

3. I finally won my case with a shop and got a refund after a month of persevering. I'm not going to name names or go in to any detail but I think it's important that customers are aware of their rights and question policies and customer service when it's not the best. It has slightly put me off shopping there but hopefully it will pass. 

4. I can't wait to get my hair coloured. I always find that when I set a date to get it done, I always hate my hair up until that date and the days seem to drag! I haven't had a full head of colour on since July 2011 just before I went to Paris, so I think it's due! Hopefully it won't damage my hair too much! I would be daring and try a new brand of dye but when I find something I like, I like to stick to it - boring I know! 

5. This weekend my sister came up to visit me in her new car (I never thought the day would come!) and we ended up driving to Liverpool for the night. We had a lovely meal (chicken stuffed with cheese, wrapped with bacon) so thank you to the excellent cooks Heather and Rob. 

Things I learnt from last night? That indigestion tablets work quicker than you think,  mixing your drinks can have a disastrous effect for some, you can be gullible enough to believe your friends that a shot of water is vodka, I need to get better at 'jager-offs', wearing a rug out as a cape is cool, I want a penthouse apartment with a grand piano, meeting new people who you click with straight away and being re-assured that you have the most amazing supportive friends is one of the best feelings. Liverpool, you were grand. 


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  2. Last year I had to do a 3 minute speech as part of the assessment for one of my modules, and like you I am terrified of public speaking. I was having mini panic-attacks about it but on the day I just took deep breaths and thought "just got to get this over and done with!" Remember that everyone is in the same boat and hopefully you'll get through ok :) Good luck! x


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