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Friday, 17 February 2012

What I Bought: Keep or Return? - Office Kingpin Wedge Boots

Office Kingpin Wedge Boot Black

These have just come through the post and I need your opinion. They're not my usual 'style', but part of me likes that. I'm always trying to be more daring where fashion is concerned and these tick the box. I'm hoping that by being a wedge heel, they won't hurt as much as your regular high heel - saying that, I'm quite lucky that my feet can withstand a lot of heel 'wear-age' without feeling too much pain!

 What made me buy them was a few things. One, they're real leather. Two, they're high (which for a shortie like me is always a good thing!). Three, they're edgy compared to my classic black heels. Four, I found a free delivery code floating about the internet so I thought why not? And finally, they were reduced from £92.00 to - wait for it: £12.00 = £80.00 off! I was sold on the discount straight away. I'd put them in my basket a few previous times for them to rush out of stock before I'd had chance to enter my card details. So when I spotted them in stock the other week I thought I'd get them and see what I thought when they came. Because they're free delivery, I haven't lost out on that if I do return them, just slightly a pain as there's no Office shop where I go to university so I'll have to make a trip to Manchester if I decide to take them back. 

So what do you guys think - yay or nay? 


  1. I was so shocked when i read the price, thats such a good deal! I like them but personally wouldnt wear them, i think they'll suit your style really well though x

    1. Yeah, the price for leather is really good! Know what you mean, they're kind of 'ugly' pretty x

  2. WOW!! Keep them, they're gorge! and £12?!?!! For real leather, those bad boys are are gonna be with you forever!

    Drea xo

  3. OMG! what a bargain! they look absolutely amazing! x

  4. You've just sent me straight to the Office sale site - of course they're gone, but the sale is amazing and now I know exactly where I'm going next Saturday morning when I'm back in the UK! Wedges are big for s/s 2012, and peep toe wedges are always cool. I think these would be a great way to add a twist to your look. Just add a red pedicure to match that fab lipstick you wear :)


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