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Monday, 20 February 2012

What I Wore: TOWIB

Not a normal 'What I Wore' post as there are no full-length outfit shots. My train to London was before 9am so the lighting I had to play with was shocking. My camera seems okay with dealing with poor lighting when it's just a head and shoulders shot (like the ones above), but when it gets any further away, it throws a strop! But I thought I'd post these photos anyway as they show how I wore my hair/make-up plus part of my outfit. I wore my new ASOS tunic (you can find it here) and my new Topshop spiked ring that someone at the event also had (great style minds think alike!). I also wore my H&M jacket and my new-but-I'm-wearing-them-everyday-because-I'm-obsessed New Look Chelsea Boots. I'm really pleased with my New Look boots as they they give me the much needed height I need without giving my feet too much pain. As I mentioned before in my review of them, I think this is down to the chunky heel which gives your foot more support. 

There is a full-length shot of my outfit on the ASOS Fashion Finder website but I can't look at it without cringeing. Having quite naturally pale skin and colouring my hair dark makes me appear ghost like with the flash during the day. I do sometimes wear fake tan on a night out, especially at university as a lot of the girls up here do so I don't want to look ridiculously white. It's not so much of a problem at home as my girls all have dark hair and pale skin (well Beccy did until she decided to betray the brunette brigade and go blonde - how many 'b's'?! - but her new hair does look fab so I'll let her off). 

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  1. You looked gorgeous, and I'm loving the New Look Chelsea boots. x


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