Thursday, 29 March 2012

Manchester Fashion Week: My IL2L entry

Manchester has always held a place in my heart. Now before you accuse me of being cheesy, I'll explain why...

My first fashion memory of the city was when I was about six. I'd become obsessed with all things Disney and the Disney store at St Ann's Square was my absolutely favourite place to visit when my parents took me downtown. And then I saw it. It was pink, it was sparkly and it had enough layers to rival a dream wedding cake. It was the Sleeping Beauty inspired dress. I say inspired because, lets face it, it was hardly 'the actual dress', but I was six and for me, it was pretty much the real deal.

Fast forward fourteen years and although my fashion tastes have thankfully changed, my love for the city hasn't. Living in a village in Derbyshire about 40 minutes away, 'Manch' as my friends and I coin it, is my playground. I get to trade fields and birds for street style, endless shops, bars and restaurants and the vibe of Market Street that is unbeatable. Not forgetting Piccadilly Gardens, which in the Summer is transformed into a sun-worshipper's paradise. Walking down Market Street to me is like a miniature catwalk, taking in the city's diverse fashion and style. The recent addition of the Beetham tower is another step in the right direction in positioning Manchester as a city to rival that of London. 

Whilst I love London, Manchester feels like home. No underground to battle through but instead free city centre buses and the tram system which is ever expanding. I tend to avoid public transport in the city and instead walk - as that's the best way to take everything in. 

From the quirky Affleck's Palace to the endless shops in the Arndale, and with the infamous Trafford Centre located on the edge of the city, there's fashion for everyone. And this April sees Manchester finally host Fashion Week. Come April 9th - designers, celebrities and keen enthusiasts across the country will gather to celebrate all things fashion in Manchester. Sponsored principally by Missguided and including names such as Ted Baker, Mulberry, All Saints and Flannels, it's set to be a fantastic week. 

In X Factor style, here's the bit where I try and convince you why I should be in with the chance of blogging alongside IL2L at MFW. As well as having a love for the brand, Manchester and fashion in general - I love to write. If that wasn't evident from the 400 words I've just typed then hopefully my blog is. I'm currently in my final year at university studying Journalism with Communications and these three years, along with my blog, have only increased my love of the written word. Yet, re-wind five years and I hadn't realised that I could hopefully turn this into a career. It was in fact my art teacher who picked up on my ease and passion in writing and now I couldn't imagine doing anything else. As a blogger, although I don't take the most amazing photos, I feel I am passionate in my writing. I'm no model and my photo locations are literally as bland as a white wall but hopefully my love for the city, for fashion, for blogging and writing about all of these will give me the chance to blog with IL2L for fashion week. 



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