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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wednesday Want: Marc B Lottie Bag

Marc B Lottie Bag-£55.00

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me banging on about this Marc B bag. I love big bags and with Australia four months away, I want a sizeable carry on bag to throw everything for the flight into. I spotted this bag in Manchester Arndale's Topshop about a month ago whilst shopping with a friend but left it as I was trying to be good with my spending. I also assumed that it would be stocked on the Topshop website which sadly it wasn't. Topshop said they'd look into stock/stores etc. which I'm waiting to hear about. When I went back into the same Manchester store last Friday it was gone! Cue massive regrets about not getting it when I initially saw it! A helpful staff member at Topshop did recall seeing it in the store somewhere but couldn't locate it. She told me it was the last in stock but the bag was one of the best sellers and couldn't see why they wouldn't re-stock it. She told me to try one of the London stores which I'm hoping to do before the end of the month is up. If anyone sees this bag in store - please let me know! Tweet me, leave a comment or email me - whatever! 



  1. That is a really cute bag!! I will definitely keep an eye out for it for you!! =D

  2. Wow, love the bag! I have been searching for the rigth one in black. This would be just perfect! :)


    1. Finding the right bag can take time, which is why I'm gutted I can't get my hands on this one! xx

  3. Ahh this is gorgeous! Great choice :)

    whatrebeccasaid.blogspot.com xxx

  4. I work in a london Topshop, i'm not back in work till Monday but if I see one i'll def let u know :)


  5. Have you already found the handbag?
    I want this, I saw the bag at topshop.
    but I would like a picture when you wear the handbag so I can see how big the purse is.

    1. Yes, I bought it a while back. The handbag is quite big, the measurements are on the website here: http://www.marcbbags.com/products/Lottie-Black-Ostrich-Tote.html

      I don't have the bag with me currently so can't photograph it's size on an outfit photo.

    2. Does the strap fit over your shoulders? Or is it one of them bags which you carry on your forearm?


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